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Volume: 0 Issue: 08

1. The Clinical Meaning Of P~(27kipl)and carcinoma of the pancreas Page:—
2. Clinical Observation of the Shapes of Posterior Corneal Surface after LASEK and LASIK Page:—
3. Research of Assaying HBV-DNA using PCR Teststrip Page:—
4. Detection of DMD by Multiplex Ligation-depenclent Probe Page:—
5. The Investigation and Strategy for the Anxiety Conditions of Cancer Operation Patients' Families in Surgical Departments Page:—
6. The Observasion of Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia During Blood Purification Page:—
7. The Causes of 60 Cases on Post Crown's Failure in Clinical Page:—
8. Investigate the Compatible Stabilities of Sodium Glucuronic Acid Injection and Ganlixin Injection Page:—
9. The Experimental Research on Heat Shock Pretreatment in Preventing Achilles Tendon's Enthesiopathy Page:—
10. Investigate Lymphangiogenesis in Carcinoma of Rectum of Human and Cancer Metastasis Page:—
11. The Clinical Diagnostic Value of ~(99m)Tc-HL91 Hypoxia Imaging in Brain Gliomas Page:—
12. An Analysis of Clinical Pathology and CT in 84 Cases of Child Patients with Cerebral Palsy Page:—
13. The Clinical Study of the Stereotactic Conformal Radiotherapy for Brain Stem Tumors Page:—
14. Clinical Analysis on Electrolyte Imbalance in 96 Infants with Ⅱ~Ⅲ Malnutrition Page:—
15. The High-frequency Ultrasonic Examination and Clinical Observe of the Vagina Massive Hemorrhage After the Drug Abortion Page:—
16. Changes of Markers of Prethrombotic State and Their Clinical Significance with Heart Failure Page:—
17. The Relationship of Hemrrheology Changes and Insulin Resistance to Microangiopathy in Type 2 Diabetes Page:—
18. Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Spontaneous Spinal Epidural Hematoma:Report of 8 cases Page:—
19. Pioneering Research on Treatment of Tinnitus with Laser Meridian Pionts Therapy Page:—
20. Experimental Study on Antibacterial Effect of Baicalin Injection in Vitro Page:—
21. Preparation and Identification of Anti-lactoferrin Single Chain Fv Antibody Page:—
22. The Experimental Study on Liqihuatanquyu Formula(LF)Against NASH in Rats Page:—
23. Effect of Lipide on Mice Podocyte Proliferation Page:—
24. Detection of bcr-abl Fusion Gene in Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia Patients by Reverse Transcriptase Polymerse Chain Reation Page:—
25. Preliminary Study on Expression of Osteopontin in Human Gliomas Page:—
26. Relativity Analysis of Abnormal Cervical Pathology Results in Cytology and Histology Page:—
27. The Mechanism of Anti-temor Efficacy Indwed by Chitosan Oligosaccharide and Bifidobacteria Page:—
28. The Effects of Intensive Insulin Therapy on the ? Cell of Islets of Pancreas in Incipient Type Diabetes Patients Page:—
29. Detection and Analysis of Nitric Oxide Level in Gingival Tissue in Experimental Animal Model of Periodontitis Page:—
30. The Contrast of Pupil Constrict Response to the Pilocarpine Between the Young and the Old Page:—
31. Relationship and Significance Among HPV16/18 Infection and Expression of Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase,c-myc Protein in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinomas Page:—
32. A Clinical Study on High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treating 17 Cases with Advanced Pancreatic Carcinoma Page:—
33. Clinical and Pathologic Characteristics of Gastric Cancer in Old Patients:a Retrospective Study of 671 Patients Page:—
34. The Clinical Analysis of Chlamydia Trachomatis Pneumonia of Little Infant Page:—
35. Treatment of Lichen Sclerosus of Vulva with High-intensity Focused Ultrasound Page:—
36. Clinicopathologic Study of Tubal Pregnancy of 1000 Cases Page:—
37. The Value of Diagnostic Curettage in Conservative Treatment of Suspicious Ectopic Pregnancy Page:—
38. Expression and Significance of Interleukin-18 (IL-18) and Cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2) in Endometriosis Page:—
39. Comparision of Successive Two Ejaculation on Semen Quality in Normal Men Page:—
40. Evaluation of Hypertonic Sodium Chloride Hydroxylethyl Starch 40 (HSS40) Safety on Anti-hemorrhagic Shock Using Laboratory Tests Page:—
41. Application of Midazolam Combined with Propofol in Conscious Sedative and Analgesic Colonoscopy Page:—
42. Study on the Expression of ILD Patients and Normal Subjects During Exercise Page:—
43. The Association of Pulse Pressure Index with Insulin-like Growth Factor in Aged Cases with Essential Hypertension Page:—
44. To Explore the Double-labeling Method of Monitoring the GHRP Regulatory Function on [Ca~(2+)]i and NO on Real Time in Cardiomyocytes Under LSCM Page:—
45. Investigation of Understanding on Transfusion Knowledge of Clinicians and Status of Clinical Using of Blood Products in Shanghai Area Page:—
46. Effects of PNS on the Apoptosis and Expression of C-myc of Vascular Smooth muscle Cells Page:—
47. Effect of GFW on the Fas Protein Expression in the S_(180) Bearing Tumor Mice Page:—
48. Effect of Oxymatrine on Glucose、Fat and Activity of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor Page:—
49. Efficacy of Rotavirus Vaccine to Children with Rotavirus Gastroenteritis Page:—
50. Comparison of Auditory Evoked Potential and Bispectral Index Devices with Standard Clinical Practice During Scoliosis Surgery Page:—
51. The Effect of Silicone Oil Injection Corneal Endothelium Page:—
52. Clinical Research Acute Secretory Qtitis Media with BudesonideNasal Spray plus Gelomyrtol Forte Page:—
53. Clinical Significance of Micrometastasis Detection in Conventional Pathologic Nonmetastasis Lymph Nodes of Patients with Breast Cancer Page:—
54. Application of Liposomal Doxorubicin in the Treatment of Refractory Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Page:—
55. Effects of Shengmai Injection on Tumor Growth and the Expression of P-gp in Transplanted Tumor of Human Gastric Carcinoma of SGC7901/VCR Cell in Nude Mice Page:—
56. Expression of KAI1, Intergrin ?5?1and FAK Proteins in Lung Cancer and Their Biological Significances Page:—
57. The Effect of Combination Use of 1,25(OH)_2D_3 and Celecoxib on Growth and Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cell Line Hs578T Page:—
58. Research of the Relationship Between the Emotion Disorder and Cognitive Function Impairment Relation and its Influence Factors with the Epilepsy Patients Page:—
59. Effect of Ambroxol on Contents of PMN,TNF-?,IL-6 and IL-8 in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid after Closed Circuit Anesthesia in Infants Page:—
60. The Study of Immune Pathogenesis and The Effective of Immune Therapy in Patients with Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis Page:—
61. Application of POSSUM Score in Evaluating Operation Risk in Femoral Shaft Fractures Page:—
62. Study On Expression of TGF-? in Rat’s Model with Acute Contusive Spinal Cord Injury Page:—
63. The Comparative Research on Curative Effect of Mosapride and Domperidone on Treating Gastroparesis Diabeticorum (DGP) Page:—
64. Associated Factors of Urinary Transferrin in Aged Patients with Essential Hypertension Page:—
65. Status Analysis of Clinical Nonferments Bacteria Infection Page:—
66. The Plication of no Shaving-Skin Methoed Before Operation Page:—
67. Application of in Infrequent-Restriction-Site PCR Analysising the DNA Heterogeneity of Clinical Isolates of Acinetobacter Page:—
68. Some Visible Properties of T Lymphocyte Activation in Human Umbilical Cord Blood Page:—
69. Determination of Total Glucosides in Paeonia lactifloria Pall from Different Sources by HPLC Page:—
70. Study of the Effect and Functional Mechanism of Pine Pollen on Reducing the Blood-fat Level of the Experimental Mice Page:—
71. Determination of Amino Acids in Silkworm Extract by High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Precolumn Derivatization Page:—
72. Effect of Aqueous Extract of Ginger on Vascular Dementia in Rats Page:—
73. A Study of Relativity between TCM Syndrome and Clinic Pathology on 1010 Patients with IgA Nephropathy Page:—
74. A Contrast Study of the Clinical Effect of Gegensu Injection and Chinese Traditional Medicine on Chronic Renal Failure Page:—
75. Evaluation of Triphasic Spiral Computer Tomography Scanning in Ureteral Lesions Page:—
76. Effects of Genistein-magnetic-nanoparticles on the Expression of FAK in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell line HepG_2 Page:—
77. A Study of Viral Pathogens in 280 Cases of Children with Community Acquired Pneumonia(CAP) Page:—
78. The Application of Paries Anterior Vagina Muscularis Mucosal Flap in the Repairation of Female Complicated Urethrovaginal Fistula Page:—
79. The Analysis of Results of Urine Protein Electrophoresis for 108 Cases with Diabetic Nephropathy Page:—
80. Effects of Combined Telmisartan and Ramipril on Heart Function and Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone System and Ventricle Remodeling in Patients with Chronic Congestive Heart Failure Page:—
81. Artificial Abortion Has Important Effect on the Development of Adenomyosis Page:—
82. Study on Anti-tumor Activities & Tumor Radio-sensitivity of 17a?-D-Homo-Ethynylestradiol-3-Acetate Page:—
83. The Expression and Clinical Significance of C-kit、C-abl and PDGFR? in Ovarian Carcinoma Page:—
84. The Effect of "Xingnao Kaiqiao" Acupuncture on the Expression of Peroxiredoxin Ⅵ in the Ischemia Cortex of Rats Page:—