Volume: 40

1. On Introducing Professor Li Saimei's Clinical Experiences for Mental Diseases Page:122—124
2. Chinese Medicine Master Lin Qianliang Page:114—116
3. Analysis of the Origin and Disadvantages of the Excessive Use in Treatment of Epidemic Disease with Heat-clearing and Detoxifying Method Page:96—99
4. Qiu Changlin's Treatment Experience of Treating Multiple Sclerosis Remission Stage with Nourishing Kidney and Extinguishing Wind Page:90—95
5. Prospect and Progress of the Research on the Technology of Metabolism in Acupuncture and Moxibustion Page:223—226
6. The Essence of Zhang Ren's Eye Acupuncture Technique of Different Diseases in Same Method Page:146—149
7. Shan Guangzhi's Experience for the Treatment of Bone Metastasis of Prostate Cancer Page:131—133
8. Professor Fu Ping's Case in Using Method of Breeding Earth and Suppressing Wood to Treat the Hemoptysis in Menstrual Cycle Page:128—130
9. The Study on the Etiology and Pathogenesis of Exogenous Diseases of Treatise on Seasonal Diseases Page:119—121
10. 《On Throat》Version and Academic Achievements Page:117—118
11. A Brief Study on the Relationship Between Qi Transformation and Clinical Traditional Chinese Medicine Based on National old TCM Experts Wang Kungen Page:81—84
12. Taste from the Matching of Qingyingtang Prescription Features Page:221—222
13. Professor Xie Jingri from “the Theory of Liver and Spleen”Treat Patients with Chronic Atrophic Gastritis Page:208—210
14. The Clinical Experience of Professor Zhang Qin in Treating Menostaxis Caused by Previous Cesarean Scar Defect Page:203—205
15. "Study on the ""Quhan"" in Traditional Chinese Medicine Processing" Page:189—190
16. He Jia Treatment H-hypertension's Clinical Experience by Applying the Method of Buqi Zhuyu Page:170—172
17. "Introduction to the Application of Acupoint Sticking Therapy in the ""Treating Disease before Its Onset""" Page:213—214
18. Mobile Cupping Cooperating Needle and Medicine Treatment for 128 Cases of Measles in Clinical Curative Effect Observation Page:211—212
19. The Therapeutic Experience of Professor Wang Canhui in Chronic Atrophic Gastritis Page:196—199
20. Guillain-Barre Syndrome Report of Two Cases of Large-connecting-meridians Therapy Page:488—490
21. Research of Fu Qingzhu’s Obstetrics and Gynecology in Diagnosis and Treatment of Premenstrual Abdominal Pain and Postmenstrual Abdominal Pain Page:462—463
22. Investigation to the Features in the Treatment of Hemorrhage Syndrome of Lu Yuanlei Page:459—461
23. A Preliminary Study on the Origins and Characteristics of Zhu Danxi's Concept of Spleen-Stomach Page:431—433
24. Discussion on the Experiences in Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment of Acute Leukemia from Chief Physician Xia Xiaojun Page:466—468
25. Discussion on the Treatment of Children with Asthma in Remission Stage from Healthy Qi Deficiency and Pathogenic Factor Excess Page:503—506
26. Clinical Effecacy of Shugan Jianpi Tiaoshen Treatment for Senile Constipation Type of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Page:494—497
27. Re-understanding of the Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy from Blood Stasis Page:475—478
28. Study on Evolution of the Names of Smallpox Page:456—458
29. The Small Discoveries of Discussion on Differentiation of Internal and External Injury Page:451—455
30. Clinical Observation on 50 Hz Frequency of Electricity Stimulating Finger Extensor Tendon for Hand Dysfunction Caused by Incident Storke Page:565—567
31. Acupuncture-assisted Anesthesia Describe Cerebral State Index under the Steady-state Anesthesia of Sevoflurane Page:562—564
32. Doctor HuangYajun’s Experience of Chronic Pelvic Inflammation Disease Page:557—559
33. The Example of Professor Yu Ying'ao's Treatment of Epilepsy Page:543—544
34. Director He's Experience in Treating Ovarian Cancer Page:534—537
35. Four Notes on Discussing Amnesia by Studying Neijing Page:523—525
36. Professor Wang Zhen’s Experience of Herb Pairs in Treating Cough Caused by Wind Page:551—553
37. Annlysis of Two Sets of Three Yin and Three Yang Systems in“Treatise on Febrile Diseases” Page:507—513
38. Explore and Analyse the Use of Activating the Spleen and Regulating the Liver in the Treatment on Chronic Abdominal Pain of Children Page:622—624
39. Experience of Professor Liu Lin Using Sanren Decoction to Treat Pediatric Diseases Page:610—612
40. Analysis of the Treatment of the Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment of Dysmenorrhea of Page:599—601
41. Analysis of Treatment Ideology of Premature Ovarian Failure through Fu Qingzhu's Differentiation and Treatment of “Menstruation Stopped When Not Old Yet” Page:596—598
42. Opinion TCM Treatment of Haze Induced Lung Injury Page:593—595
43. Diagnosis and Treatment of Liver Disease Need to Pay More Attention to Nourishing the Liver Qi and Warming Liver Yang Page:589—592
44. Analyze the Eighth Item of Pulse Syndrome Complex and Treatment of Miscellaneous Gynecological Diseases from Jinkui Yaolve Page:585—588
45. Disscussion on Lei Shaoyi’s Treatment for Latent-qi Diarrhea Page:640—642
46. Experience of Treating Menopausal Syndrome of Professor Lu Su Page:613—615
47. Five Steps Learning Method of Inner Canon of Huangdi Page:777—779
48. The Clinical Experience of Professor Wang Xu in the Treatment of Throid-associated Ophthalmopathy from Liver, Spleen and Kidney Page:756—758
49. Gu’s Surgery Department’s Three Generations in Treatment of Plasma Cell Mastitis Page:747—749
50. "The""Prescriptions""Medication in Treatment of Arthralgia Syndrome" Page:738—740
51. The Experience in Treating Tinnitus by Acupuncture and Moxibustion Page:768—770
52. The Clinical Experience of Professor He Ruoping in the Treatment of Bone Marrow Suppression after Chemotherapy in Patients with Malignant Tumor Page:744—746
53. Exploring and Analyzing the Medication Characteristics of Treating Cough and Dyspnea in Treatise on Febrile Diseases Page:741—743
54. A Brief Introduction about the Experiences of Director You Jianliang Using Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) to Treat Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma(NPC) Page:689—692
55. Study on Syndrome Development Rules before and after Treating Primary Nephrotic Syndrome with Hormone Page:669—676
56. Disscussing Lv Shantang Academy of Classical Medical Learning Page:660—662
57. Application of Tentacles Medical Records in Teaching Page:713—714
58. Clinical Research of Rheumatoid Arthritis Treated with Acupoint Catgut Embedding Therapy Page:710—712
59. On Introducing Professor Fu Huazhou's Clinical Experiences for Alopecia Areata Page:693—695
60. Wu Liangcun’s Analysis about Clinical Experience of Ovarian Cancer’s Treatment Page:663—665
61. Analysis of the Guizhi Tang in Clinical Application Page:654—656
62. Relationship between Pain from Malnutrition and Multiple Myeloma(MM) Page:679—681
63. Experience of Making Formula and Description on Treatment of Gastric Abscess in Zhang Yuqing’ Medical Records Page:914—916
64. Reveal the Essence of the Eye MingMen Page:898—902
65. Research of Traditional Chinese Medicines Based on Regulating Adipokines to Improve Insulin Resistance Page:952—956
66. Neijing’s Viscera-State Theory of Spleen and Its Method of Thinking Construction Page:903—905
67. Professor Liu Hongqi's Experience in the Treatment of Threatened Abortion Page:939—941
68. The Experience of Professor Qu Nini on Diagnosis and Treatment of Stable Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Page:936—938
69. Introduction of Professor Zhou Enchao’s Experience of the Application of Herbal Pairs in the Treatment of Chronic Renal Failure Page:932—935
70. Analysis on Treating Ankylosing Spondylitis’Therapeutic Experience By Song Xinwei Page:920—922
71. On the Core Idea of Li Dongyuan’s Theory of the Spleen and Stomach Page:910—913
72. The Calendar Background of Five Yun and Six Qi Page:906—909
73. Clinical Efficacy Observation of Herpes Zoster Treated by Compound Radix Scutellariae Solution Wet Application Page:134—136,149
74. The Study of Relationship between Material Bases of Early Diabetic Nephropathy as Deficiency of both Qi and Yin and Obstruction of Collat-erals and AGE-RAGE Page:75—80,89
75. Clinical Evaluation of Navel Therapy of Ancient Formula in Ehloasma of Liver Qistagnation Syndrome Page:150—151,158
76. Expound the Human Papilloma Virus Infection from the Theory of Fuxie Page:100—102,113
77. Common Herbal-pairs Summary in Treating Lung Cancer by Professor Shu Qijin Page:200—202,203
78. Professor and National Physician Master Guo Chengjie's Asarum Clinical Application Experience Page:194—195,199
79. Professor Lu Su's Experience in Treating Bone Marrow Suppression after Chemotherapy of Gynecologic Malignant Tumor Page:479—481,487
80. An Exploration into Aid Model and Mechanism in Connotational Development of Newly-built Undergraduate College Page:498—502,506
81. Experience of Professor Wang Zhe Treatment of Hyperprolactinemia Infertility Page:472—474,475
82. Zhou Fuming's Gouty Arthritis Treatment Tips Page:464—465,471
83. Professor Chen Huade’s Clinical Experience on Treating Vertigo of Hyperactivity of Liver Yang Type by Acupuncture Page:560—561,564
84. Analysis of Effect of Powder for Ascending and Descending on Treated or Initial Treatment Patient with Cough Page:549—550,559
85. Study on the Academic Thought of Chen Shigong on Treatment of Galls Page:538—539,548
86. Study on Professor Wang Kungen's Therapeutic Principles in Treating Chronic Constipation Based on Data Mining Page:532—533,537
87. Analysis on Treatment of Oculopathy in“Acupuncture DaCheng” Page:629—631,635
88. To Explore the Advantages of Chinese Medicine Treatment of Subacute Thyroiditis from Medical Records Page:608—609,612
89. Exploration on the Acupuncture Clinical Characteristics of Hua Tuo Page:775—776,777
90. Thoughts of Group and Phased Treatment of TCM for Malignant Tumor Page:753—755,761
91. Theoretical Discussion of Phlegmy Wet and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Page:657—659,665
92. Effective Cases on Zhang Qin’s Treatment of Refractory Threatened Abortion Page:682—684,692
93. The Pathoenesis of HuangQin Tang Page:926—927,931