Volume: 40 Issue: 2

1. On Introducing Professor Li Saimei's Clinical Experiences for Mental Diseases Page:122—124
2. Chinese Medicine Master Lin Qianliang Page:114—116
3. Analysis of the Origin and Disadvantages of the Excessive Use in Treatment of Epidemic Disease with Heat-clearing and Detoxifying Method Page:96—99
4. Qiu Changlin's Treatment Experience of Treating Multiple Sclerosis Remission Stage with Nourishing Kidney and Extinguishing Wind Page:90—95
5. The Essence of Zhang Ren's Eye Acupuncture Technique of Different Diseases in Same Method Page:146—149
6. Shan Guangzhi's Experience for the Treatment of Bone Metastasis of Prostate Cancer Page:131—133
7. Professor Fu Ping's Case in Using Method of Breeding Earth and Suppressing Wood to Treat the Hemoptysis in Menstrual Cycle Page:128—130
8. The Study on the Etiology and Pathogenesis of Exogenous Diseases of Treatise on Seasonal Diseases Page:119—121
9. 《On Throat》Version and Academic Achievements Page:117—118
10. A Brief Study on the Relationship Between Qi Transformation and Clinical Traditional Chinese Medicine Based on National old TCM Experts Wang Kungen Page:81—84
11. Clinical Efficacy Observation of Herpes Zoster Treated by Compound Radix Scutellariae Solution Wet Application Page:134—136,149
12. The Study of Relationship between Material Bases of Early Diabetic Nephropathy as Deficiency of both Qi and Yin and Obstruction of Collat-erals and AGE-RAGE Page:75—80,89
13. Clinical Evaluation of Navel Therapy of Ancient Formula in Ehloasma of Liver Qistagnation Syndrome Page:150—151,158
14. Expound the Human Papilloma Virus Infection from the Theory of Fuxie Page:100—102,113