Volume: 0 Issue: 01

1. Discuss TCM Development from TCM Thought Style Page:—
2. Comprehension of Daytime Prolonged Online-HDF on the Treatment of Refractory Edema Page:—
3. Study for the NiTai-JuBinQi Cure Smash Fracture of Patella Page:—
4. Review on Research of Special Thrombocytopenic Purpura Page:—
5. Pro.Guo Xiuqin’s Experience in Treating Dementia with Yiqi Congming Decoction Page:—
6. Advancement of Research on Treating Vertebral Artery Morphological Caused Vertigo by Tuina Page:—
7. Primary Exploration into Teaching Management Method of Clinical Practice Page:—
8. Inhibition of Bcl-2 Antisense Oligonucleotide Combined with Radiation against Lung Carcinoma Cells Page:—
9. To Detect the Inhibiting Capacity of Bingcha Shuan Contained Serum to HEPG2 Cells' Reproductive Activity (MTT Method) Page:—
10. Review of Research on Immune and Acupuncture & Moxibustion on Allergic Rhinitis(AR) Page:—
11. Ischemia Brain Infarction Apoplexy Sequelae Treated with Head Skin and Abdomen Acupuncture Page:—
12. De-jaundice of Severe Jaundice Hepatitis with TCM Preserving Enema Page:—
13. The Relevance Research of “Sui-hai Deficiency” with Vertebral Artery Caused by Less Blood Provision Page:—
14. Effect of Chaihu Plus Longgumuli Decoction on Psychological Stress Reaction in Rats Page:—
15. Therapeutic Observation on Female Rats in Immune Sterility Treated by Zhuyun Decoction Page:—
16. An Improved Experimental Myocardial Ischemia Reperfusion in Rat Model Page:—
17. Research on the Effect of Electro-acupuncture of Neiguan on the CGRP Content in Migraine Rats' Plasma Page:—
18. The Morphometric Study of Bony Tissue in the Rat Experiment of Bone Union Enhanced by the Red Rice Page:—
19. Differentiation of Wei,Qi,Ying and Xue on Acute Contagious Conjunctivitis Page:—
20. Attempt to Improvement of the Teaching Quality of the Chemical Experiment Page:—
21. The Clinical Meaning of "C" Tympanum Figure in Secretory Otitis Media Page:—
22. The Summary of Researching on the Animal Model of Mice with Vascular Dementia Page:—
23. Again on TCM and Combination of TCM with Western Medicine(WM) Page:—
24. 1 Case of Locus Nigc Polyp Syndrome Page:—
25. Research on Relativity between Irritable Intestine Syndrome (IIS) and Gastro-intestinal Hormones Page:—
26. Effects and Mechanisms of PNS on Myocardial Fibrosis in Chronic Viral Myocarditic Mice Page:—
27. Effects of FS-1272 Gutta on Anti-oxidative System in Lens of Rats with Cataract Induced by D-galactose Page:—
28. Effects of Curcumin on Behavior and c-fos Expression in Spinal Cord in Chronic Constrictive Injury Rats Page:—
29. Effects of the Principium of Replenishing Qi and Nourishing Kidney Deficiency on Collum Femoris of Bone Histomorphometry in Ovariectomized Rats Page:—
30. Effects of Pine Pollen on Expression of p16 and p21 in Human Embryonic Lung Diploid Fibroblasts Page:—
31. EB Virus Infection and the Incubated Diseases in TCM Page:—
32. Bladder Cough Treated with Differentiation of Signs Page:—
33. Exploration into Ancient Literature on TCM Causa Morbi and Mechanism of Anal and Enteric Diseases Page:—
34. Clinical Characteristic Analysis on 120 Cases of Dry Eye Disease Page:—
35. Review on Chinese Medicine Anti Tumor Angiogenesis Page:—
36. The Chinese Medicine Clinical Treatment and Research of Untoward Reaction in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Radiotherapy Page:—
37. ACEI Combined with Astragalus Treat Early Diabetic Nephropathy(DN) 108 Cases Page:—
38. Observation of Curative Effect on Treating The Old Osteoporosis with The Chinese Medicine Which Warm Kidney and Benefit Spleen Added with 1a(OH)D3 Page:—
39. Ganoderma Spore Powder’s Role in the Treatment of Severe Acute Pancreatitis Page:—
40. Effects of the Velvet Antler Polypeptides on Spinal Nerve Cell Apoptosis Induced by ?-amyloid Peptide Page:—
41. Effects of Qibei Mixture on Expression of IL-8,TNF-? in Rats Model with Ulcerative Colitis Page:—
42. Experimental Study on Qizhu Jianzhong Decoction Influencing Ulcerative Rats’ IL-6 and GAS in Spleen Yang Deficiency Page:—
43. Effect of Removing Phlegm Softening and Removing Blood Stasis on Pulmonary Morphology and Hydoxyprolin of Pulmonary Fibrosis Rats Page:—
44. Experimental Study on Baiji Manna Polysaccharide’s Anti-gastric Ulcer Anti-inflammation and Abirritation Page:—
45. Synergistic Effects and Decreasing Toxicity of Sarcandra Glabra Essential Oils on Tumor-bearing Mice Treated by Cytoxan Page:—
46. The Dependability of Anger Pathopoiesis and Psychological Stress Page:—
47. The Effect of Urotension Ⅱ in the Myocardium of Acute Myocardial Ischemia Reperfusion Rat by Electro-acupuncture "Neiguan" and "Shenmen" Precondition Page:—
48. Mr.He Guantao’s Recipe on Applying Ebony Page:—
49. Effect of Two Different Cultural Methods on Osteoclast Bone Absorption Activity and Expression of ATPase a3 Gene Page:—
50. Study on Bacteriostasis of Tubercle Bacillus by "Feilaokang" in vivo Page:—
51. Effect of Zhutan Tongluo Tang on the Expression of IL-1? and IL-6 in Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage Rat Page:—
52. Determination of Ephedrine in KMBYL Capsules by HPLC Page:—
53. Hypothesis of TCM Compound "Disease Curtailment Efficacy" and Its Experiment Page:—
54. Quality Standard Study on Danqi Tablets Page:—
55. Effect of Hujin Granule on Liver Function and Fibre Index of Rats with Immune Hepatic Fibrosis Page:—
56. Effects of the Traditional Chinese Drug Chaiyuwendantang(CYWDT) and Its Component on the Plasm Levels of ACTH,COR and cAMP in Hippocampus of Depressed Mode Page:—
57. Influence of Kidney-notifying Compound on Decapitated Henghe Female Monkeys' NO and ET Page:—
58. The Pharmacodynamic Action of Zidian Prescription on ITP Page:—
59. Experimental Study on Effect of Shengyu Decoction and Its Decomposition on Rats Red Cell EPO Page:—
60. Effect of Medicated Serum of Lizhong Bolus on ICC Page:—
61. Experimental Study of Spina Date Seed Decoction Anti-depression Page:—
62. On TCM "Notifying and Attack Methods" to Chronic Hepatitis B Page:—
63. Further Discuss the Functional Level of Systemic Pleurodiaphragmatic Interspace Theory Page:—
64. Formation and Developments of TCM Basic Theory from "Left Biography" Page:—
65. Source and Research on Chest Apoplexy Page:—
66. Making the Concept Standard Is the Base of Development of Theory of TCM Page:—
67. Expression and Purification of the Fusion Protein Anti-epilepsy Peptide/Glutathiones-transferase Page:—
68. Experience in Treating Sequelae Neuralgia of Herpes Zoster Page:—
69. Clinical Observation on Chronic Prostatitits with Combined TCM and WM Methods Page:—
70. Availability Research on Machine Package of Chinese Yam Page:—
71. Analysis of the Experiment for Multi-media Web-based Pedagogy in College English Teaching Page:—
72. Production of Main Chinese Medicinal Materials in Ancient Hangzhou Page:—
73. Treatment of Tinnitus Page:—