Volume: Issue: 9

1. “Real-world Study”(RWS)-New Approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine Scientific Research Page:1127—1129
2. Acupoint Massage and Featured Nursing Treat Peripheral Facial Paralysis 45 Cases Page:1130—1132
3. Building CPI Mode for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language:Orientation towards Strengthening Intercultural Communication Competence in a TCM University Page:1123—1126
4. Spleen and Stomach’s Drug Administering Characteristics Page:1143—1146
5. The Immune Protective Effect of Astragalus Polysaccharide on Mice Genital Tract Infected with Chlamydia Trachomatis Page:1103—1107
6. Classical Formula Wuling Powder Treat Residual Ovary Syndrome Page:1087—1088
7. Pro. Lian Jianwei’s Experience in Treating Acne Page:1068—1070
8. Revised Duhuo Jisheng Decoction and Comprehensive Therapy Treat Scapulohumeral Periarthritis(with a Comparative Report of 150 Cases) Page:1096—1098
9. Chief Physician Wang Zuoshun Experience in Treatment of Refractory Hypertension in Winter with Da Chaihu Decoction Combined with Other Decoctions Page:1094—1095
10. Efficacy Analysis of Gujing Tang Combined with Paroxetine of Treatment of Premature Ejaculation for 60 Cases Page:1082—1084
11. Yishi Oral Liquid Treat Middle and Old Aged Asthenopia 65 Cases Page:1078—1079
12. Archiater Zhang Nianzhi's Experience in Treating Primary Bronchial Lung Cancer with Method of Supporting Essence to Remove Pathogeny Page:1076—1077
13. Application of Pulse by Wang Mengying Page:1071—1072
14. TCM Research Review on the Relationship between Asthma and Leukotrienes and Its Receptor Page:715—718
15. Mr. Wang Youren's Experience of Treating Scagulohumeral Periarthritis by Spinning Neck and Massage of Shoulders Page:707—709
16. Parsing to“the Theory of Spleen and Stomach”Treat“Diet Injury” Page:692—694
17. Clinical Thoughts on Yin-wei Theory Page:662—665
18. Director Doctor Zhao Runchen Treat Cervical Spondylosis of Nerve Root Type Page:710—712
19. The Experience of Professor Gao Xiangfu in the Diagnosis and Treatment on Ankylosing Spondylitis by Combination of Disease and Syn-drome Page:686—688
20. First Discussion about the Academic Thinking and the Clinical Experience of Febrile Disease of Shao School Inherited by Professor Shen ;Yuanliang Page:683—685
21. The Development of Zhu Danxi's Medical Science in Japan Page:677—679
22. Huo-Luo-Xiao-Ling-Dan Plays a Protective Role in Ischemic Brain in Rats via Inhibiting Inflammatory Responses after Stroke Page:1099—1102,1107
23. Bioluminescent Monitoring the Influence of Cepharanthine on Colon Cancer Growth in Mouse Xenograft Tumor Model Page:1055—1059,1072
24. Using Warming and Heat-clearing Simultaneously in Treating Constipation and Diarrhea Alternating Bowel Dysfunction Page:1089—1090,1093
25. Clinical Observation of Kneading Pull-turning Methods together with the Family Care and Treatment for Children Congenital Muscular ;Torticollis Page:704—706,707
26. Discussion on the“Seasonal Organs”Theory of The Inner Canon of Huangdi Page:675—676,685
27. Clinical Observation of 26 Cases of Recurrent Hordeolum Treated By Wind-dispelling Heat-clearing and Qi-regulating Spleen-strengthening Herbs and Fomentation Page:1085—1086,1087