Volume: Issue: 8

1. Analysis of Graduate Career Planning Education of University of Traditional Chinese Medicine-Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Example Page:1038—1040
2. Organic Phosphorous Pesticide Poisoning Treated with Atropine Micro Pump Sustainable Intravenous Injection(with A Comparative Report of 100 Cases) Page:1002—1004
3. Professor Zhang Peiying's Experience in Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease Page:998—999
4. The Professor ChenBaoyi's Experience to Test Infants viral Myocarditis Ayyhythmia Page:993—995
5. Preparation and Research on the Aniti-Tumor Activity of Adriamycin Self-assembled Nanoparticles Page:951—955
6. Influence of Yigu oral Liquid on Inhibiting Pain in Ovariectomized Rats Page:1005—1009
7. Buyang Huangwu Decoction and Guipi Decoction Treat Sequelae of Craniocerebral Trauma Page:996—997
8. The Treatment of Insomnia Based on Five Kinds of Psychological Disorders of TCM Page:990—992
9. Case Studies and Analysis on Professor Jianwei Lian's Clinical Experience with Ganmai Dazao Decoction Page:962—963
10. Meta-analysis of Tanreqing Injection Treatment of Viral Pneumonia Page:979—982
11. Mr. Wang Xugao's Treating Infants Diseases Page:974—975
12. Textual Research on the Editions' Origin and Circulation of Yizong Baojing (Master's Precious Mirror of Medicine) Page:970—973
13. "Wu Yiluo and""Shanghanfenjing""" Page:967—969
14. "Ms He Jialin's Experience in Treating Gestation Disease with Principle""Toxic Drugs'Good Effect on Diseased Body""" Page:964—966
15. An Investigation into Introducing Freshman Seminar to Extracurricular Studying Activities of Undergraduate Students Page:1033—1037
16. Experience of Recuperating Tumor with Chinese Medicine Page:962—964
17. Statement on the Essence of Identification on the Deficiency and Excess Patterns from Nei Wai Shang Bian Huo Lun and the Relativity be-tween Internal Damage and Exogenous Diseases Page:955—958
18. "The Character of Diagnosis and Treatment of ""Excessive Fluid Zheng"" in ""Medical Record of ZuiHuaChuang""" Page:953—954
19. The Application of the Idea of Stomach Qi of Treatise on Cold-Induced Disease in the Differentiation of Disease and Pulse Page:948—950
20. itative Research of Occupational Injury Experiences of Laboratory Animal Workers Page:1027—1030
21. The Intervention Effect of Agkistrodon in Treating Sjogren's Syndrome with YiQiYangYinQuYu Medicine Page:999—1003
22. Observation of Tianwang Buxin Decoction in the Treatment of Heart Yin Deficiency Type of Generalized Anxiety Disorder Page:976—978
23. Case Series Reports of 40 Pediatric Cold Children with Lung-stomach Heat Retention Syndrome Treated by Yinlai Decoction Addition and Subtraction Page:973—975
24. The Relationship between COPD Phenotypes and Patterns of TCM Page:1037—1040
25. A Survey and Analysis of College English Teachers’ Digital Literacy in Zhejian Province Page:1024—1026
26. Regulation of L-type Calcium Channels by Xuanfu Daizhe Soup in the Lower Esophageal Sphincter Smooth Muscle of Rabbit Reflux Esophagitis Model Page:1007—1011
27. Liu Qiting’s Experience of Using Yishenjianpihuazhuo Decoction in the Treatment of the Gynecological Disease Page:968—969
28. Experience on the Treatment of Postpartum Body Pain by Herbal Paste from the Centralizer Exorcism Page:959—961
29. Measurement of MRI Artifacts Caused by Common Metallic Dental Materials and Common Ceramic Dental Materials on Dif-ferent Field-strength Mmagnets Page:944—947
30. Quantitative Determination of Three Prohibited Substances in Diet Pills by RRLC-MS Page:615—620
31. Synthesis of Resveratrol Dimer Induced by Pheophorbide and Its Enhancing Effects on Free Radical Elimination and Analgesic Activity Page:582—586
32. Research on Progress of Acupoints Compatibility in Recent Ten Years Page:643—646
33. Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber with Differentiation Treatment of Tumor Page:632—635
34. Blade Needle Step-by-step Operation Three Tongbi Decoction in the Treatment of Coracoid Inflammation in 40 Cases Page:625—627
35. Clustering of Rotavirus Based on KNN-kernel Function Page:612—614
36. Analysis on Professor Yan Dexin's TCM Theory of Spleen and Stomach Page:598—601
37. The Relationship Between Excessive Internal Heat and Intestinal Microflora from the Aspects of Energy Metabolism and Mucosal Immunity Page:591—594
38. TCM Simple Somatotype Combined with Pantoprazole Treat Digestive Ulcer 160 Cases Page:985—986,989
39. Continue to Improve Nursing Quality in Endocrinology Management of Practical Application Analysis Page:1041—1042,1043
40. Jineijin Couplet Medicines in Treatment of Diseases of Digestive System Page:1000—1001,1002
41. Treatment of Tinnitus and Deafness from Five Internal Organs Page:960—961,966
42. Research on Influence of Cervus and Cucumis Polypeptide on the Bone Biomechanical Properties of Ovariectomized Rats Page:1015—1017,1022
43. The Expositions of Dai Sigong’s Treatments to Diarrhea Page:951—952,964
44. Meridian Theory Development and Application Analyses the Root End and Appearance Substance Page:1012—1015,1016
45. Liquid on Ovariectomized Rats with Pain Threshold and Bone Density Page:1004—1006,1011
46. Trace to the Source of the Original State of Acupoints from Classical TCM Acupuncture Documents Page:573—575,586
47. "The Collecting and Studying of Wang Fu's ""YiLing CuanYao TanYuan""" Page:636—638,642
48. Analysis on Zhong Yi-tang's Medication Rule in Prescriptions for Insomnia Based on Data Mining Method Page:595—597,601