Volume: Issue: 4

1. The Application of Physical Identification in“Preventive Treatment”Health Management of Diabetes in Community Page:484—486
2. Protection Wei Qi to Prevent The Six Channels Transmission Change Page:392—393
3. Discussion on the Reflection of “Shengsheng”Theory in Huangdi Neijing and Its Edification of Modern Life Nurturing Science Page:389—391
4. Pro. Fang Jianqiao's Experience in Treating Frozen Shoulder Page:468—469
5. TCM Treatment on Chloasma in Terms of the Five Organs Page:433—435
6. Evaluation on Effect of Comprehensive Psychological Nursing Intervention for Modified Radical Mastectomy in Breast Cancer Patients Page:489—492
7. Curative Observation on Qianlieshu Pill in Treating Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis Page:448—450
8. The Textual Research on Ma Zhaosheng of the Last Disciple of Miao Xiyong Page:398—400
9. Aphasia and Mechanism Analysis of Tongue’s 3-needle Treatment Page:470—472
10. To Study the Analgesic, Anti-diarrhea and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Wulian Compound Extract Page:456—460
11. Treating Pidan from the Organ of the Spleen Page:408—410
12. Academic Thought of Pro. Pan Zhimin's Treating Phlegm Page:403—405
13. Bee-silkworm Zhike(cough-relieving) Decoction Treat Chronic Cough Page:286—288
14. Analysis about the Academic Characteristics of ErKeXing“Clear-headed Pediatric” Page:276—277
15. Cihangji's Characteristics on Diagnosis and Treatment of Diarrhea Page:323—324
16. Effect of Biejiajian oral Liquid on AngⅡ and Ang(1-7) in Liver Fibrosis Rats Page:253—258
17. Apply Knowledge in“Internal Classics”to Know Human Body Toxin Page:259—261
18. Introduction of Professor Xie Jianguo's Clinical Experience for Treatment of Advanced Lung Cancer on Survival with Tumor Page:270—273
19. Comparison of Curative Effect of Chronic Nonspecific Ulcerative Colitis Treated by Acupuncture Combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:315—316
20. Observe the Clinical Effect on Abdominal Acupuncture Combined with Body Acupuncture Treating Chloasma of Stagnation of the Liver-type Page:312—314
21. Professor Li Qiyi's Experience in Treating Coronary Heart Disease Page:406—407,410
22. Professor Chen's Acupuncture Experience for Treating the Deficiency Syndrome of Cervical Vertigo Page:473—474
23. Research on Chinese Medicine University Computer Training Courses Reform Page:481—483
24. Review on the Research of the Components, Pharmacological Actions and Toxicity of Polygonum Multiflorum Thunb(Heshouwu) Page:495—500
25. Analyze the Meaning of the Article“Shortness of Breath with Minor Fluid Retention Should Be Eradicated by Urination” Page:376—378
26. Study of the Effect of the Diester Alkaloids, Monoester Alkaloids and Non-ester Alkaloids in Fuzi on AA Rats Page:379—382
27. Photodynamic Therapy Combined with TCM External Treatment for 40 Cases of Verruca Acuminata Page:426—427,428
28. A Comparison of the Clinical Characteristics of Kawasaki Disease in Children from Taizhou Page:419—421,422
29. Doctor Wang Huireng’s Experience on Treatment of Acute/subacute Cough Page:401—402,403
30. Taoist Thought Analysed and the Keeping in Good Health Page:493—494,500
31. Experience of Chen Yi’s Yi Zhi Zhu Kao Gao Fang Page:265—266,273
32. Research Advances in Mechanism of Bioactive Tanshinones in Salviae Miltiorrhiae Regulating Angiogenesis Page:506—510
33. Clinical Observation of Self-made Headache Prescription on Migraine without Aura Page:439—441
34. Observation of Clinical Effect in Treating Cystic-type Acne with Combination of Yu Shi San Gen Tang and Minocycline J Page:267—269
35. Jiedu Qinghuo Drink Treat Children Infective Mononucleosis Page:428—429,430
36. The Sedation of Point Application Therapy and Massage in Polydactylism Replantation Page:487—488,492
37. Medical Students' Humanistic Quality Investigation and Countermeasures---Based on the Analysis of the Medical Students from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Page:475—477,483