Volume: Issue: 12

1. Ultrasound Observe the Relationship between Fetus Cerebral Lateral Fissure Depth in Middle Pregnancy and Gestational Weeks Page:1421—1423
2. Nasal Ileus Conduct Treat the Ileus after Ovarian Cancer Operation Page:1414—1416
3. Review on Children Herpetic Stomatitis Treated with TCM Page:1466—1468
4. Application of Notifying Qi to Nourish Yin in Treating Lung Cancer Page:1457—1460
5. The Innovative Research about Training Mode of Professional Master Degree of Chinese Materia Medica Page:1449—1450
6. The Clinical Significance of the Quantitative Detection of DNA of Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Page:1424—1425
7. The Application Value of Leonurus Capsule on Post-induced Abortion Page:1412—1413
8. Sequential Therapy of Tacalcitol Combined with Halometasone Treat Plaque Psoriasis Page:1409—1411
9. A Study of“Chinese Culture Aphasia”in Present College English Teaching in China Page:1443—1445
10. Professor Chen Huade’s Experience on Treatment of Meniere Disease by Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1437—1438
11. "Experimental Study of Six Testacean TCM""Endometriosis""Role on Goiter Model Rats" Page:1429—1432
12. Wang Huireng's Experience in Treating Chronic Obstructive Pulmanarg Drisease(COPD) Combined with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Sydrome(OSAS) Page:1397—1399
13. Analysis on the Pulse Mechanism, Diagnosis and Treatment of Pro. Lian Jianwei for the Right Guan Large Virtual Pulse Page:1394—1396
14. The True Academic Essence of Pro. Wu Kaopan's Studying and Disabusing the Classics Page:1392—1393
15. Theory of Circle by Huang Yuanyu Page:1386—1388
16. "Thinking about the Innovation of TCM Based on the Theory of""Wind of History""-Talking about the Inheritance and Innovation of TCM" Page:1377—1381
17. Clinical Observation of the Head Acupuncture Combined With Loosening Collapse Test for Post-stroke Strephenopodia Page:895—897
18. Zhou Enchao' s Experience in Treating Diabetic Nephropathy Page:883—885
19. Professor Chang Hui Experiences for the Treatment of Adolescaria Functional Metrorrhagia Page:886—889
20. The Examples of the Correlation Theories of Yunqi Used in Cases of Well-known Physicians and Its Sequel Page:910—912
21. Nursing Experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine Wet Compress for the Treatment of the Thromboangiitis Obliterans 96 Cases Page:907—909
22. The Advantage and Effect of Acupuncture Treatment on Athletes Uterine Bleeding Page:898—899
23. The Diagnosis and Treatment Investigation on Post-Stroke Depression Page:878—879
24. Teacher Ma Dazheng’s Experience in Treating Leukorrhagia Page:864—866
25. On Thought of Globus Hystericus Treated by Basing on Differentiation of Signs Page:1461—1462,1468
26. The Study on the Influence of Liuwei Dihuang Pill on the Intelligence Level of Mice of Mental Stunting Page:1426—1428,1438
27. Explore Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment with TCM to SLE Combined with Five Body Arthralgia Page:1455—1456,1460
28. Jianpi Qingwei(Reinforce Spleen to Clear Stomach) Decoction Treat Chronic Erosive Gastritis 38 Cases Page:1419—1420,1421
29. Relative Factors Analysis on Operational Result of Iatrogenic Biliary Tract Injury Induced by Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Page:1417—1418,1419
30. The Clinico-pathological Features of Suspected Malignant Nodules Associated with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis-Diagnosis Page:1382—1385,1386
31. Research and Practice of the Teaching Method of“3-round 4-step”to the Course“Selected Readings of Neijing” Page:905—906,917
32. Validation of the Effect of Modified Maxingshigan Decoction on the TGF-β/Smad Signaling Pathway in Radioactive Lung Injury Page:843—848,853
33. Clinical Experience for Application of Traditional Chinese Flower Medicine in Functional Gastrointestinal Disease s Page:893—894,895
34. Professor Wang Xinghua’s Experience for the Treatment of Cough Page:870—872,877
35. Treating Metabolic Syndrome from Phlegm and Stasis Page:1463—1465