Volume: Issue: 11

1. "On Xu Lingtai’s ""Vitality"" Academic Thought" Page:1291—1293
2. Discussion on Gynecological Recipe Cases of Contrary Treatment Page:1286—1288
3. Application of “Lung Viscera State”Theory in “Internal Classics”in Kidney Diseases Page:1284—1285
4. Review on Stem Cells Used on Heart Regeneration Page:1360—1362
5. Review on Buttock Epithelial Neuritis Treated with Massage and Composite Therapy Page:1367—1370
6. The Effect of the Theory Thought of Treating Liver Diseases from Zhang Zhongjing to Wang Xugao Page:1358—1359
7. Tracheal Intubation in Patients with Common Psychological Problems and Nursing Intervention Page:1356—1357
8. Practical Research on Graduation Internship Quality System of Undergraduates of Nursing Major Page:1351—1353
9. Study on Students' Employment in Traditional Chinese Medicine Colleges and Universities Page:1349—1350
10. Explore the Health Preservation in Spring from the Perspective “Ye Wo Zao Qi” Page:1346—1348
11. Observation on Effect of Wet Union Principle on Saccharose Treating Pressure Sores Page:1324—1325
12. Clinical Study on Serum Homocysteine,B12 Folic Acid and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Page:1322—1323
13. Three Points on Laparoscope Operation to Gallbladder Neck Incarceration Stone(with A Clinical Report of 81 Cases) Page:1319—1321
14. Effects of Salvianolate Injection on the Levels of Serum L-1βand IL-18 in Acute Exacerbated Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients Page:1312—1314
15. Analysis on Causa Morbi and Treatment of Hypoglycemia(with a Report of 33 Cases) Page:1309—1311
16. The Clinical Experience of Professor Yang Jiguo Using Pingchuan I for Treating Asthma in Children Page:1300—1302
17. Dr. Shi Weiqun’s Ointment Experience of Treating Chronic Liver Disease by Cream Formula Page:1306—1308
18. Experience of Yu Tugen Treating Atopic Dermatitis of Dampness Heat Syndrome Page:1303—1305
19. Clinical Studies on Female Genital Condyloma Accuminatum with Bupleurum Injection External Application Page:1297—1299
20. Academic Exploration of Nu’ke Baixiao Quanshu Page:1294—1296
21. "Zhong Jingli Zhong Soup in Yu Chang""Meaning""in the Medical Records of The use of Grass" Page:1340—1341
22. Professor Yu Jingmao's Experience in Coordinating and Treating Pediatric Disease with Herbal Pas te Page:1258—1260
23. Research the Idea of Aromatherapy as Adjuvant Therapy for Postpartum Depression Page:1346—1348
24. Correlation of MMP-2 and TIMP-2 with Mesangial Proliferative Glomerulo-nephritis and Its Research Progress in Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1342—1345
25. Empirical Study on Evaluation Elements in Intercultural Communicative Competence in Medical College Students Page:1333—1335
26. Observation of Clinical Effect of 78 Patients with Lumbar Disc Herniation Treated by Fire Needle with Filiform Needling Therapy Page:1331—1332
27. Study on Wu Weikang's Clinical Experience in Treatment of Phlegm Syndrome Page:1286—1289
28. Professor He Jialin's Experence in Treating Abdominal Mass with Infertility Page:1283—1285
29. The Experience of Zhang Yu-zhu Treating Bi-syndrome Page:1280—1282
30. Record on Yu Yue's Medical Cases Page:1273—1279
31. A Research on Zheng Qing-an’s View on Balance of Yin and Yang and It’s Origin and Development Page:1269—1272
32. Illustrate Six Merdians Theory with the Images of Bagua Page:1266—1268
33. Application of“Viscera State”Theory in“Internal Classics”on TCM Diagnosing and Treating Hematuria Page:1264—1265
34. Three Kinds of Meanings and Theoretical Support of Liver Governs Smoothing and Dispersing Qi Page:1261—1263
35. Two Hours Effects of Cyclosporin A on Lymphocyte Subsets in the Body Page:1308—1310
36. Cheng Jing's Experience in Treating Decline in Ovarian Reserve Page:1302—1304
37. Clinical Observation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Combined with Artificial Tears Treating Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiency Type Dry Eyes Page:1299—1301
38. Experience in Director Shen Yuanliang Treating Severe Hepatitis Page:1296—1298
39. Tongue Research Overview Page:1363—1366,1367
40. Discussing the Realistic Significance of the Education of Leisure Value among the University Students in China in View of American Leisure Education Page:1343—1345,1353
41. Analysis of the“Wind Tranquilizing Method”Used by Pro. Lian Jianwei for Vertigo Treatment Page:1289—1290,1293
42. The Effect of Continuous Quality Improvement in the Prevention of Ventilator-associated Pneumonia Page:1354—1355,1356
43. Analysis of Carbamazepine Combined with Xiao-chai-hu Decoction to the Treatment Effect of Primary Trigeminal Neuralgia Page:1315—1316,1321
44. Systematic Review of Acupuncture Treatment on Type 2 Diabetes Peripheral Neuropathy Page:1326—1330,1348
45. Preliminary Study of A Volume-depending Staging System for ONFH Based on Three-dimensional CT Page:1311—1314