Volume: Issue: 10

1. The Research Progress on Anti-inflammatory Effects and the Therapy to Acute Lung Injury of Emodin Page:1261—1264
2. Effect of Qingre Yiqi Tongluo Preseription on Expressions of P-cadherin and FSP1 in Glomerulus in DN Rats Page:1230—1235
3. Influence of Extract from T. Ramosissima on the Skin-wounded Mice Page:1222—1225
4. Chinese Herbal Medicine Washout Combined with Lactic Acid Bacteria Vaginal Capsule Treat Refactory Vaginitis 500 Cases Page:1215—1217
5. Gynecological Diseases Census and the Detection Rate of Prevention-First Analysis Page:1209—1210
6. Clinical Observtion to 30 Cases of Mild and Moderate Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome Treated with Resvised Wupi Decoction Page:1201—1203
7. Standardized Research and Analysis about Integrated Traditional and Western Treatment Programs of Lower Urinary Infection Page:1197—1200
8. On Thought Orientation of TCM Emphasizing Time and Yang Qi from Yin Yang Spatial-temporal Evolution Page:1180—1182
9. The Value and Limitation of“Inside Diseases Show Signs Outside” Page:1177—1179
10. Research on Standardization of English Majors' Native Language and Improving Strategies Page:1250—1252
11. Curing 1 Case of Adult Onset Still’s Disease with Chinese Traditional Medicine Plus Acupuncture Therapy Page:1240—1241
12. Study on the Clinical Treatment Effect of Intertrochanteric Fractures of Proximal Femur Using Intramedullary Nail Operation Combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1218—1219
13. Relativity between Deviation of Nasal Septum and Acute Sinusitis Page:1211—1212
14. Discussion on Operation Modes to Thyroid Tiny Papillary Carcinoma(wtih Clinical Analysis of 176 Cases) Page:1204—1205
15. The Intervention of Bianti Tiaoli Grease on Constitutions of Qi and Yang Deficiency) Page:1194—1196
16. Academic Comment of Lingnan Acupuncture Doctor Zeng Tianzhi Scientific Acupuncture Therapy Page:1191—1193
17. Pro. Piao Bingkui’s Proven Case of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Page:1187—1188
18. A Brief Analysis of Professor Qiu Peiran’s Old Style Poetry Page:1183—1186
19. Study on the Mechanism of Preventing and Treating Scar by Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1265—1267
20. To Discuss the Diseases by the Side of Differentiation to ENT Page:1147—1151
21. Identification Study of Hydrothorax Telomerase and CEA Test on Benign Pleural Effusion Diagnosis Page:1200—1202
22. Six Kinds of Yuping Feng Powder Combined with Eye Wash Method Clinical Observation on the Treatment of Allergic Conjunctivitis Page:1188—1191
23. Clinical Observation of Zhuang Medicine Tendons Therapy on Back Muscle Fasciitis Page:1183—1185
24. Shenmai Injection Treating Sustainable Dialysis Patients of Both Deficiency of Qi and Yin Page:1180—1182
25. 1 Case of Hashimoto Thyroiditis Combined with Many Diseases Page:1175—1179
26. Study on Professor Wang Kungen's Therapeutic Principles in Treating Functional Dyspepsia Based on Data Mining Page:1159—1162
27. From Zhu Danxi's Medical Records for the Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Characteristics Page:1157—1158
28. Recent Intervention Studies Bushenhuoxue Method of Ovarian Reserve Page:1245—1248
29. The Construction of AHP-based Quality Evaluation System of Entrepreneurship Education Page:1231—1235
30. Observation of Two-step Treatment of Tennis Elbow Massage Curative Effect in 42 Cases Page:1224—1225
31. Professor Lin Huiguang’s Experience in the Treatment of Chronic Atrophic Gastritis Page:756—758
32. Chief Physician Ma Weiming's Experience on Treatment of Insomnia Page:753—755
33. Clinical Experience of Professor Zhang Juan in Treating Elderly Diabetic Constipation Page:750—752
34. Clinical Experience to Treat Threatened Abortion with Chen ’s Miscarriage Prevention Method Page:736—739
35. The Summarization of Academic Thought of Professor LianJianWei in Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of Spleen and Stomach Page:730—733
36. "Discussion on ""Fire Stagnation Requiring Dissipation""" Page:727—729
37. The New Explanation of“Without High Fever”in ShangHanLun Page:719—721
38. "On Speech Figure Anadiplosis Domestication and Foreignization in Translation of ""Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine""" Page:767—770
39. TCM Directed Through Drug Treatment Combined with Warm Acupuncture for the Pain of Shoulder-hand Syndrome after the First Time of Stroke Page:764—766
40. Analysis of Removal the Non-metallic Foreign Bodies of Superficial Tissue under the Location of Ultrasonic and the Guidance of Acupuncture Needle Page:1220—1221,1222
41. Discussion on Febrile Disease Syndrome and Treatment Characteristics in“Common Treatise of Febrile Diseases”of Yu Genchu Page:1189—1190,1193
42. Observation on Long-term and Short-term Therapeutic Effect of Acupuncture Therapy to Chronic Mesenteric Lymphadenitis Page:1244—1245,1249
43. Effect of Acupoint Sticking at“Zusanli”(ST36) with Magnolia Powder on Patients with Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Gastrointestinal Dysfunction Page:1259—1260,1264
44. Qingyi Decoction Combined with Mirabilite Treat Severe Acute Pancreatitis(SAP) Page:1213—1214,1217
45. The Medicine Experience of Commonly Used Paired Drugs and The Three Drugs Pairing of Mr. Chen Zugao Page:1152—1153,1154
46. Analysis on the Cough Cases of Fire-evil Invading Lung Page:1146—1146,1147
47. The Effect of Timely Infection Evaluation and Intervention on Low-body Mass Incubator Infants in Primary Hospitals Page:1197—1199,1200
48. Yiyuan Shengjing Decoction Treat Similar Climacteric Syndrome of Breast Cancer after Treated with Tamoxifen Page:1172—1174,1182
49. Cai Wanru`s Experience in Treating Bronchial Asthma Page:1163—1164,1165
50. Conversion from Parataxis to Hypotaxis in Chinese-English Translation for TCM Classics Page:1228—1230,1235
51. The Clinical Study of Acute Mastitis Patients’Constitutional Types of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:745—746,749
52. On the Academic Thought and Value of Asthenic Diseases in the Bujuji Page:771—772,776
53. Clinical Efficacy of Acupuncture Combined with Treatment of Chinese Herb for Allergic Rhinitis Page:762—763,764
54. Cai Wanru’s Experience on the Treatment of Stable Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Page:734—735,739
55. Clinical Experience of Du Meridian Points Therapy for Qi and Blood Deficiency Type Cervical Vertigo Page:1242—1243
56. Professor Tan Zihu’s Experience in Treating Vascular Dementia Page:747—749