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Volume: 40

1. The immune checkpoint inhibitors treatment of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: an expert consensus. Page:619—628
2. External apical root resorption in orthodontic tooth movement: the risk factors and clinical suggestions from experts' consensus. Page:629—637
3. Microglia activation and temporal changes in rat model of trigeminal neuralgia. Page:638—644
4. Regulation of reactive oxygen species on the mitophagy of human periodontal ligament cells through the PINK1/Parkin pathway under starvation. Page:645—653
5. Aging effect of osteoprotegerin and receptor activator of nuclear factor-κB ligand expression in human periodontal ligament cells under continuous static pressure. Page:654—661
6. Synthesis of a novel injectable alginate impression material and impression accuracy evaluation. Page:662—667
7. Bonding properties of mild universal adhesives to dentin pretreated with hydroxyapatite-based desensitizing agents. Page:668—675
8. Application of mixed reality-based surgical navigation system in craniomaxillofacial trauma bone reconstruction. Page:676—684
9. Effect evaluation of different methods for removal of root canal filling materials. Page:685—689
10. Treatment of multiple adjacent gingival recessions with an acellular dermal matrix or a connective tissue graft: a Meta-analysis. Page:690—697
11. Accuracy of progress assessment with clear aligners. Page:698—703
12. Construction and clinical evaluation of N6-methyladenosine risk signature of YTHDC2, IGF2BP2, and HNRNPC in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Page:704—709
13. Clinical and pathological analysis of congenital granular cell tumor. Page:710—715
14. Regenerative endodontic treatment of dens in dente in maxillary lateral incisor with immature root: a case report. Page:716—720
15. Radiation-induced oral mucositis presenting as atypical vascular proliferation: a case report. Page:721—726
16. Warthin tumor complicated with T-lymphoblastic lymphoma: a case report. Page:727—730
17. Application of measurable surgical guides in immediate implant placement and immediate restoration. Page:731—739