WPRIM Management System> DCMS> West China Journal of Stomatology> 2016> 34> 5

Volume: 34 Issue: 5

1. Novel peer instruction-oriented dental school education. Page:544—547
2. Ectopic maxillary premolar in palatal suture with a supernumerary tooth in the mentum region: a case report. Page:541—543
3. Maxillary first molar with two distobuccal root canals: a case report. Page:539—540
4. Application and development of surgical robot systems in craniomaxillofacial surgery. Page:534—538
5. Zygomaticomaxillary complex fractures with infraorbital nerve damage. Page:531—533
6. Role of DNA methylation in regulation of osteogenic differentiation of stem cells. Page:526—530
7. Effect of Pinus massoniana needle extract on root dentin demineralization in vitro. Page:521—525
8. Observation and analysis of microstructure of dentin caries lesions through 3D laser scanning microscope. Page:516—520
9. Strategy and practice of the healthy cosmetic management for patients with high dental caries susceptibility. Page:511—515
10. Comparative experiments of stripping sheep maxillary sinus mucosal with new-type stripper and umbrella detacher. Page:506—510
11. Finite elemental analysis of the influence of mandibular plane angle on the stress distribution of implant tooth. Page:502—505
12. Cone beam computed tomography analysis of the bony structure of the temporomandibular joint during two phase treatment with Herbst appliance. Page:498—501
13. Evaluation of electromyogram activity and masticatory efficiency in edentulous individuals whose maxillomandibular horizontal relationship records were obtained with three different methods. Page:493—497
14. Morphological classification and velopharyngeal function analysis of submucous cleft palate patients. Page:488—492
15. Clinical efficacy of the fine needle aspiration of the cell block in the diagnosis of parotid gland masses. Page:483—487
16. Rotation and advancement of the radial-based fasciocutaneous flap for primary closure of the radial forearm flap donor defect. Page:478—482
17. Extramedullary fixation combined with intramedullary fixation in the surgical reduction of sagittal mandibular condylar fractures. Page:474—477
18. Effects of salvianolic acid B on osteogenic differentiation of human periodontal ligament cells. Page:468—473
19. Biocompatibility of polylactic acid-absorbable root post film. Page:463—467
20. Morphological features and analysis of the nerve fibers in the periodontal ligament of dogs. Page:459—462
21. In vitro investigation on the mechanism of cyclooxygenase-2 upregulation induced by spleen tyrosine kinase-nuclear factor κB signaling in cancer pain caused by oral cancer-associated macrophage. Page:454—458
22. Influence of surface roughness on oral streptococcal adhesion forces to dental filling materials. Page:448—453
23. Construction of human mucosa oral epithelial cell lines overexpressing telomerase reverse transcriptase gene mediated by lentivirus. Page:443—447
24. Cause and regulation of pain during root canal therapy. Page:439—442