WPRIM Management System> DCMS> National Journal of Andrology> 2003> 9> 8

Volume: 9 Issue: 8

1. Prevalence and drug tolerance of mycoplasma in patients with urogenital inflammation. Page:599—603
2. Examination and significance of semenial prostate specific antigen in infertile patients. Page:596—598
3. Effects of jing'an capsule on rat sperm quality. Page:594—598
4. Effect of sildenafil ciltrate on the sexual activities of male rats. Page:591—593
5. Studies on dihydrotestosterone-binding capacity in prostate tissue. Page:589—593
6. Experimental study of contralateral testicular changes after unilateral testicular torsion in rats. Page:586—588
7. Combined use of TUVP and TURP for treating BPH (report of 179 cases). Page:584—588
8. Treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis by perfusion with double-balloon and triple-channel catheter: a control study. Page:580—583
9. Clinical investigation of the treatment of children urethral calculi with pneumatic lithotripsy under ureteroscopy. Page:578—579
10. A long-term follow-up study of deep penile vein resection patients. Page:575—577
11. Effects of catheter depth and infused semen volume on the pregnancy of intrauterine insemination. Page:572—574
12. Effects of testosterone on GDNF mRNA expression in rat ventral prostate. Page:569—571
13. Effects of daidzein on sperm quality, testis gain and testosterone in mice. Page:566—568
14. Mass screening for prostate cancer is the best approach to early diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Page:563—568
15. Practice and experience of the scientific research management. Page:634—638
16. Chinese traditional medicine yi kang ling to treat immunity infertility caused by anti-sperm antibody: the experimental research. I. Page:628—631
17. Advances in studies of Chinese herbs for improving relaxability of corporal smooth muscle. Page:615—618
18. Advances in epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of genital herpes. Page:611—618
19. Advances in researches on lactate dehydrogenase-C4 isozyme. Page:607—610
20. Animal models for erectile dysfunction researches. Page:604—610
21. Detection and significance of succinate dehydrogenase of sperm mitochondria. Page:601—603