WPRIM Management System> DCMS> National Journal of Andrology> 2002> 8> 5

Volume: 8 Issue: 5

1. Chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Page:359—362
2. Epididymal sperm protein P34H and male reproduction. Page:356—362
3. Study on the sexual development of adolescent male. Page:353—366
4. Survey of infection of Toxoplasma gondii in infertile couples in Suzhou countryside. Page:350—352
5. Investigation of reproductive health status and service needs among unmarried young men in Changshu. Page:347—352
6. Investigation of reproductive organs of male children and juvenile of the Meng and the Han nationality in Chifeng area. Page:343—346
7. Effect of transrectal prostatic biopsy on serum prostate specific antigen levels. Page:341—342
8. Investigation of chronic prostatitis and altered bowel habits. Page:338—340
9. Analysis of DNA content of spermatogenic cells in the adult human testis and epididymis by flow cytometry. Page:335—337
10. Therapeutic choices of penile erectile dysfunction. Page:332—334
11. Practicability study on a group of vigilant chemical compounds including chlorheridine diacetate. Page:329—331
12. Effect of gamma-aminobutyric acid on the sperm acrosin activity. Page:326—328
13. Effects of infrasound on ultrastructure of testis cell in mice. Page:323—328
14. Effect of antisense oligonucleotide against telomerase in rat spermatogonia and its reactivity to cytokine. Page:319—322
15. Cres (cystatin-related epididymal spermatogenic) gene regulation and function. Page:313—318
16. Clinical and experimental study of treatment of nanmiqing capsule for chronic prostatitis. Page:379—382
17. Partial androgen deficiency in aging males. Page:371—374
18. Influence of protein kinase C on motility and acrosome reaction of sperm. Page:367—370
19. Advances in the research about penile erection related genes. Page:363—366