WPRIM Management System> DCMS> National Journal of Andrology> 2002> 8> 4

Volume: 8 Issue: 4

1. The situation of sildenafil in the treatment of men with erectile dysfunction. Page:302—304
2. Correlation of the factors on benign prostatic hyperplasia combined with obstruction. Page:299—301
3. Advances in sperm capacitation. Page:295—298
4. Advances in eukaryotic expression systems. Page:292—298
5. The clinical value of PSA and ECT in diagnosis of prostate cancer bone metastasis. Page:289—291
6. The clinical efficacy of Naftopidil tablet in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Page:286—288
7. Ultrastructural observation of detrusor in BPH patients. Page:283—285
8. Interventional therapy for the chronic seminal vesiculitis. Page:281—282
9. Investigation of progesterone receptor on human sperm plasma membrane. Page:277—280
10. Effects of fenvalerate exposure on the semen quality of occupational workers. Page:273—276
11. Effect of androgen on penile erection induced by L-arginine in paraventricular nucleus. Page:270—272
12. The establishment of testicular fibrosis model in Wistar rats. Page:266—269
13. Investigation of the mechanism of genitofemoral nerve in the contralateral testes damage of unilateral cryptorchid rats. Page:264—269
14. The relationships of PSA, FPSAR, clinical and pathological stage in patients with prostate cancer. Page:261—263
15. Sperm retrieval methods and pregnancy outcome of 100 azoospermia patients. Page:258—260
16. The effect of antioxidant enzyme on germ cell apoptosis in cryptorchidism. Page:255—257
17. Freezing effect on sperm DNA. Page:253—254
18. The expression of nitric oxide synthase in testes of male rat. Page:250—252
19. Study on the relationship of balanced translocation t(1;12) with spermatogenesis. Page:247—249
20. Effects of newborn bull serum and vitamins on cryopreservation of mouse seminiferous epithelial cells. Page:244—246
21. Effects of 19-nortestosterone on sex accessory gland growth in hypogonadal mice. Page:241—243
22. Spinal cord injury and male infertility. Page:235—240