WPRIM Management System> DCMS> National Journal of Andrology> 2006> 12> 4

Volume: 12 Issue: 4

1. Efficacy and safety of vardenafil in difficult-to-treat erectile dysfunction men. Page:377—380
2. Preliminary experience in treatment of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome with Longjintonglin capsule. Page:371—373
3. Proteomics and its application in the research of prostatic carcinoma. Page:358—361
4. The application of quality control system in reproductive medicine center. Page:355—361
5. Expression of Bcl-2 and Bax in the impairment of contralateral testes of unilateral cryptorchidism in rats. Page:352—354
6. Study of the changes of acrosomal enzyme and nitric oxide synthase, superoxide dismutase of infertile patients with positive antisperm antibody in seminal plasma. Page:349—351
7. Expression and significance of survivin protein, PTEN in prostatic cancer. Page:346—351
8. An investigation on AIDS knowledge of Chinese peacekeepers in Liberia and effects of relevant health education. Page:343—345
9. Clinical value of CK34BE12 combining the expression of protein P53 gene and prostate specific antigen for the differential diagnosis of prostate carcinoma. Page:340—342
10. Urethroplasty with oblique preputial island flap for the treating of hypospadia. Page:337—339
11. Study on fetal SRY gene in maternal plasma using nested polymerase chain reaction. Page:333—336
12. Detection of peripheral blood Th1/Th2 cell ratio in patients with chronic abacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Page:330—336
13. Effect of tail-suspension on the reproduction of adult male rats. Page:326—329
14. Protective effect of pentoxifylline on spermatogenesis following testicular torsion/detorsion in rats. Page:323—329
15. Antagonistic effects of vitamin E on the testicular injury by cyclophosphamide in mice. Page:318—322
16. Plasma endothelin-1 in patients with prostate cancer and its clinical significance. Page:315—322
17. Influence of LY294002 on sperm motility in asthenozoospermia patients in vitro. Page:311—314
18. Cloning of Bmi1 cDNA from mouse testis and its expression in E. coli BL21. Page:308—314
19. Construction and identification for cell strain of anti-human sperm protein 22 monoclonal antibodies. Page:303—307
20. Effect of nonylphenol on testosterone secretion of rat leydig cells in vitro. Page:300—307
21. Establishment of the 2-D synthetic map of total protein of normal human spermatozoa enriched with low abundance protein. Page:295—299
22. Study of two electrophoresis procedures of seminal plasma proteins. Page:291—294