Volume: 0 Issue: 12

1. Analysis of risk factors of dementia after stroke in elderly patients. Page:—
2. Relative studies on anti-?_2-glycoprotein I and extracellular matrix in post-hepatitis B cirrhosis Page:—
3. Studies on the mechanisms of TGF-?_1、TGF-?_1RⅡ and NF-?B on the angiogenesis In patients with hepatocellular carcinoma Page:—
4. On some aspects of fasicular ventricular tachycardia Page:—
5. A study on the efficacy of Irbesartan in the treatment of congestive heart failure Page:—
6. A study on the form of P wave in predicting the locus of focal atrial tachycardia Page:—
7. Alterations in myocardal K~+,Na~+,Ca~(2+) after myocardial infarction Page:—
8. Interventional therapy for 2466 patients with coronary heart disease-a 13-year study Page:—
9. Bone marrow and peripheral blood examination in non-Hodgkin lymphoma at initial diagnosis Page:—
10. Relation of hepatitis C virus level and genotypes to response to interferon treatment Page:—
11. Long-term follow up 104 patients who had been diagnosed by liver tissue immunohistochemical stain assay Page:—
12. Diagnostic value of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and C-reactive protein in SARS Page:—
13. Medical therapy and psychological treatment for SARS patients:experience with 51 cases Page:—
14. Therapeutic efficacy in patients with infectious atypical pneumonia:comparison of different protocols Page:—
15. Effect of obesity on the cardiac structure and function of the young and middle-aged obese subjects Page:—
16. Effect of aspirin on plasma levels of nitric oxide and alpha-granule membrane protein in patients with acute cerebral infarction Page:—
17. Pancreatic stents treatment of chronic pancreatitis:clinic analysis of 78 cases Page:—
18. The assessment of life quality of patients with chronic hepatitis B after the treatment with lamivudine Page:—
19. Level of serum leptin in newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic patients and the effect of short-term insulin therapy on it Page:—
20. The clinical study on prophylactic antibiotic therapy in patients with severe viral hepatitis Page:—
21. The expression of COX-2 VEGF-C and lymph node metastasis in human gastric carcinoma Page:—
22. Experimental study of the transplantation of autologous peripheral blood stem cells in the treatment of ischemia hindlimb in rabbit Page:—
23. Clinical trial on the effect of leflunomide in treating refractory nephropathy syndrome Page:—
24. Clinical characteristics and classification of ketosis-prone diabetes Page:—
25. A randomized,prospective evaluation of non-invasive positive pressure ventilation for treatment of respiratory failure due to exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:—
26. Clinical features and follow-up of patients with myocardial bridge Page:—
27. Mycophenolate mofetil combined with steroid hormone and lamivudine on the treatment of hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis Page:—
28. The changes of endothelial cell function and coagulation-fibrinolysis system in maintenance hemodialysis patients with diabetic nephropathy Page:—
29. Influence of HBV infection for gastro mucous membrane in chronic hepatitis B and cirrhosis Page:—
30. Clinical features and risk factors of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in Xinjiang area Page:—
31. Pulse cyclophosphamide therapy for refractory adult-onset Still's disease Page:—
32. The analysis of prognosis using the criterion of model for end-stage liver disease and Child-Pugh grading in patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis Page:—
33. Treatment for aristolochic acid nephropathy with integrated liposomal prostaglandin E_1 and calcium dobesilate. Page:—
34. The meta-analysis of Laurance-Moon-Bardet-Biedl syndrome. Page:—
35. Construction of the recombinent retroviral vector rRV-hIL-4 and expression of rheumatoid arthritis in vitro. Page:—
36. Effects of Leonurus heterophyllus sweet injection on myocardial cell apoptosis and proliferation activity in the diabetic cardiomyopathy rats. Page:—
37. Thrombosis diseases in lung cancer:clinical analysis of 18 cases. Page:—
38. Effects of multifactorial intervention on the endothelial function in newly-diagnosed type 2 diabetic patients. Page:—
39. Effects of rosiglitazone on the mRNA expressions of MMP-1、TIMP-1 and Collagen Ⅲ in rat kidney fibroblasts cultured in high glucose. Page:—
40. Investigation into G6PD deficiency gene frequency in Tujia nationality in Jiangkou,Guizhou. Page:—
41. A study of combination therapy for hyperphosphatemia with calcium-containing phosphate binders and low-calcium dialysate in hemodialysis patients. Page:—
42. Endoscopic variceal ligation vs ?-blockers for prevention of first variceal bleeding in cirrhosis:a Meta-analysis Page:—
43. Clinical manifestations of pachydermodactyly:an analysis of 13 cases Page:—
44. Effect of glucose on expression of various lipoprotein receptors Page:—
45. Epidemiology of serum lipid abnormality in patients with coronary artery disease Page:—
46. Variation of plasma C-reactive protein levels and serum cardiac troponin I before and after PCI in patients with unstable angina pectoris and its predictive value for prognosis Page:—
47. Biocompatibility of biomaterial designed for the closure of congenital heart defects covalently coated by chitosan/heparin:an in vitro evaluation Page:—
48. Study on the blood levels of CD4~+ CD28~-T cells and TNF-? in patients with acute cerebral infarction Page:—
49. Simulated experiment in vitro of APL specialized by arsenic trioxide acid infiltrating into the human lung Page:—
50. HIV drug resistance and influence factors in some provinces of China Page:—
51. Analysis on the expression of Toll-like receptor 4 mRNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from the patients with ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis and its clinical significance. Page:—
52. Bioinformatic analysis of the cellular repressor of E1A-stimulated genes proximal promoter and primary identification of transcriptional regulation function Page:—
53. Effect of irbesartan on the change of matrix metalloproteinase-13 in right atrial myocardium after acute atrial fibrillation in rabbits Page:—
54. T-type calcium channel effects on atrial electrical remodelling and an approach to its mechanisms during atrial fibrillation Page:—
55. The study of relationship between the levels of plasma VEGF,PAI-1 and the severity of the diabetic retinopathy Page:—
56. Results of syngeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for leukemia Page:—
57. ERCP in children with disease of biliary tract and pancreas:a retrospective analysis of the diagnosis and treatment Page:—
58. The study on influence of complicated diabetes on the prognosis on kidney transplantation Page:—
59. Effects of hemodialysis on nutritional status and water balance in newly diagnosed ESRD patients Page:—
60. Infection after cardiac-lung transplantation in ICU Page:—
61. Prevalence and rate of missed diagnosis study of COPD in presurgical patients Page:—
62. The Analys is of the factors related to hyperuricaemia in patients with Type 2 diabetes Page:—
63. Ankylosing spondylitis susceptibility loci defined by genome-search Meta-analysis Page:—
64. The relationship between leptin level BMI and helicobacter pylori infection in gastric ulcer Page:—
65. Clinical analysis of extrinsic allergic alveolitis in 14 patients Page:—
66. Clinical analysis of COPD with bronchodilator reversibility in 47 patients Page:—
67. The predictive value of APACHEⅡ and TISS-28 in the treatment to respiratory failure in acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:—
68. A questionnaire survey of allergic rhinitis in bronchial asthma patients Page:—
69. Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome caused by pituitary tumor in a man:a case report Page:—
70. Safety of antidepressant treatment of coronary heart disease accompanied with depression Page:—
71. Advances on treatment of myasthenia gravis Page:—
72. The influence factors for hepatitis B virus re-infection after liver transplantation Page:—
73. The discussion of adult Still diseases' diagnosis and treatment Page:—
74. The change of calcitonin gene-related peptide and NO in the early diabetic nephropathy and the intervention by angiolensin Ⅱ receptor antagonist Page:—
75. Clinical characteristics of primary hyperparathyroidism Page:—
76. Insulin therapy for blood glucose fluctuation in diabetes Page:—
77. Advance of ethanol-induced gastric macosa injury Page:—
78. Identification of psychological factors in refractory functional gastrointestinal disorders Page:—
79. Clinical thinkings on the diagnosis and treatment of peritoneal effusion Page:—
80. Clinical thinkings on the diagnosis of jaundice Page:—
81. Clinical analysis in diagnosis and treatment of 43 case of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis Page:—
82. Drug susceptibility results and clinical characteristics as well as their correlation analysis from 417 cases with positive culture of tubercle bacilli Page:—
83. Introduction of 《Guideline on Diagnosis and Management of Cough(2009)》 Page:—
84. A case report about legionella pneumophila pneumonia Page:—
85. Management of common problems in noninvasive positive pressure ventilation Page:—
86. Efficacy and safety of itraconazole as empirical antifungal therapy for pneumomycosis in nonneutropenic patients Page:—
87. A case report on the treatment of pulmonary aspergilloma infection by itraconazole Page:—
88. Relative analysis on clinical characteristics from 52 cases of the collateral circulation establishment with total coronary occlusion Page:—
89. The correlation between lone atrial fibrillation and pulmonary arterial hypertension Page:—
90. Incidence rate and predictors of hypertension among rural Chinese women:results from Liaoning Province Page:—
91. The clinical application of out-of-office blood pressure Page:—
92. Micafungin in the management of invasive fungal infections Page:—
93. Clinical observation of voriconazole and fluconazole in the treatment for malignant hemopathic patients with invasive fungal infection Page:—
94. Decision making process about the diagnostic workup for patients with abdominal pain Page:—
95. The relation between polymorphisms of apliporprotein B gene and myocardial infarction. Page:—