Volume: 0 Issue: 01

1. Osteoporosis in patients with ankylosing spondylitis Page:—
2. A study on the etiology of gastric eosinophilic granuloma. Page:—
3. Abnormal expression of costimulatory molecules CD_(28)and CD_(137)on PBMC from patients with chronic nephritis Page:—
4. Functional dyspepsia:clinical analysis of 346 cases. Page:—
5. Dynamic changes of BALF and serum IL-8 and IL-6 levels in patients with lower respiratory tract infection. Page:—
6. Mesenteric diseases:Clinical analysis of 114 cases. Page:—
7. Mutation of DNA fragment of rpoB gene in different degrees of rifampin-resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Page:—
8. The value of reference about microvolt T-wave alternans test in Chinese. Page:—
9. Radiofrequency catheter ablation of frequent ventricular ectopic beats originating in the right outflow tract. Page:—
10. Endovascular treatment of renal artery stenosis. Page:—
11. Comparison of Angioseal closure device with manual compression in patients undergoing angiograph and angioplasty. Page:—
12. Mutation analysis of dystrophin gene and clinical evaluation of phenotypes in X-linked dilated cardiomyopathy. Page:—
13. CT,MRI features and pathology of supratentorial gliomas and ependymoma-contrast study of ultrastructure and immunohistochemistry Page:—
14. Clinical observation of advanced NSCLC in the aged treated by gemcitabine combined with cisplatin Page:—
15. Effect of PKC antagonist-chelerythrine on mouse pancreatic secretion stimulated by cholecystokinin Page:—
16. Initial research of ECG holter monitoring filtrating obstructive sleep apnea syndrome Page:—
17. Heart rate turbulence in patients with chronic heart failure and relationship to clinical factors Page:—
18. Clinical analysis of the common complications of the permanent cardiac pacemaker Page:—
19. The clinical application of arterial sheath for the treatment of pericardial effusion Page:—
20. Transcatheter closure of perimembranous and muscular ventricular septal defects using the new Amplatzer VSD occluder and the effect of cardiac conductive system Page:—
21. Combination theraphy with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition and AT1 receptor antagonism on ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction Page:—
22. Transradial approach matched transfemoral approach for coronary intervention in the aged Page:—
23. The changes and clinical significance of plasma levels of vasoactive substances in patients with congestive heart failure Page:—
24. T-type calcium channel effects on RyR and IP_3R of sarcoplasmic reticulum in atrial myocytes during atrial fibrillation. Page:—
25. Study on clinical utility of continuous glucose monitoring system Page:—
26. Relationship between cysteinyl leukotriene metabolism and clinical response to antileukotriene treatment Page:—
27. Correlated factors of chronic hypercapnia in patients with obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome Page:—
28. Study on the serum level of ECP in patients with bronchial asthma in Uygur population Page:—
29. Clinical research on the emergency factors associated with health-related quality of life six months after acute myocardial infarction Page:—
30. Expression of PC cell-derived growth factor and vascular endothelial growth factor in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and their clinicopathologic significance Page:—
31. Clinical observations and therapeutic advices on the thyroid local immune regulation therapy Page:—
32. Clinical significance of the determination of deoxyribonuclease Ⅰ and high sensitivity C-reactive protein in CHD patients Page:—
33. Doppler tissue imaging to assess right ventricular function in patients with chronic pulmonary hypertension Page:—
34. The clinical significance of CD40L level in the diagnosis of ACS Page:—
35. The influential factors of response to clopidogrel in patients with acute coronary syndrome Page:—
36. Distribution of bacteria and drug-resistance to antibiotics in patients with lower respiratory tract infections diseases in RICU Page:—
37. Discussion on empiric therapy of Invasive fungal infection Page:—
38. A case with arterial embolism of right lower limb and paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia due to the left atrial myxoma Page:—
39. A case of myelodysplastic syndromes-refractory anemia with ringed sideroblasts after hemapoietic stem cell transplantation of actue lymphoblastic leukemia 12 years ago Page:—
40. The chinical dependablities between type 2 diabetes and lung cancer Page:—
41. Antihypertensive therapy in cerebrovascular disease patients with hypertension Page:—
42. New theory and new practice of Statins in the management of ischemic stroke Page:—
43. The application of wearing gradually from mechanical ventilation after brain stem hemorrhage patients with respiratory failure were rescued by mechanism ventilators Page:—
44. Readout of the Guideline for the Management of Thyroid Disease in China Page:—
45. Clinical assessment of policosanol-a new vegetal drug for regulating serum lipid Page:—
46. Clinical application of cholesterol absorption inhibitor Page:—
47. Clinical evaluation of different types of lipid-lowering Medicine Page:—
48. The status quo of Chinese prevention and treatment of dyslipidemia Page:—
49. Application of emergent endoscopy in patients with acute nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding Page:—
50. Clinical highlight of anti-virus medicine on type B hepatitis Page:—
51. The prevention and treatment for reactivation of hepatitis B in immunosuppression Page:—
52. A case report of earlier empirical antifungal therapy to pulmonary invasive fungous infection in ICU Page:—
53. Application of flexible t medical horacoscopy in the diagnosis of pleural effusion Page:—
54. Cost-effectiveness analysis of essential hypertension therapy by metoprolol based on gene targeting Page:—
55. The correlation between zasp gene and idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy Page:—
56. Prevention and management of hypertension in the patients with renal diseases Page:—
57. Antihypertensive therapy and prevent coronary disease Page:—
58. Early evalutaion of the structure and function of vessels in patients with hypertension Page:—
59. Several interpretation of improtant clinical trials on antihypertensive therapy Page:—
60. Clinical strategy and application on intensive lipid-lowering treatment Page:—
61. Thrombocytopenia and deep vein thrombosis Page:—
62. Clinical analysis on 89 cases of fever of unknown origin Page:—
63. Clinical practice of traditional chinese medicine on lipid-regulation Page:—
64. Anti-thyroid drugs—first choice for Graves' disease Page:—
65. RECORD:It is finally confirmed that Rosiglitazone does not increase the diabetic cardiovascular death risk Page:—
66. Clinical research on treatment of acute lung injury by non-invasive positive pressure ventilation Page:—
67. Clinicopathological analysis of acute renal dysfunction-induced by intensive short-distance exercise Page:—
68. Effectiveness of micafungin in treatment of malignant hematological disorders complicated with pulmonary invasive fungal infection:an analysis of 15 cases Page:—
69. Post-operative follow-up and hormone treatment for thyroid cancer Page:—
70. Clinical practice guideline for chronic myelogenous leukemia and its practice in China Page:—
71. Perioperative management of Cushing's syndrome Page:—
72. Surgical treatment of primary aldosteronism Page:—
73. Metabolic disturbance and cardiovascular events in primary aldosteronism:recent advance Page:—
74. Factors associated with dyslipidemia awareness among residents in Beijing:results from CCEIP Page:—
75. Interpretation of clinical practice guidelines of primary aldosteronism Page:—
76. Imaging diagnosis of primary aldosteronism Page:—
77. Ratio of plasma aldosterone concentration to renin activity in screening for primary aldosteronism:the current situation and influencing factors Page:—
78. Progress in medications of primary aldosteronism Page:—
79. Clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of primary hyperaldosteronism Page:—
80. Primary hyperaldosteronism:not an unusual reason for hypertension Page:—
81. Differentiation between functional gastrointestinal disorders and organic diseases:a clinical thinking Page:—
82. Refractory gastroesophageal reflux disease:the mechanism,diagnosis and treatment Page:—
83. Moxifloxacin in treatment of pneumonia and empyema:experience on 3 cases Page:—
84. Carcinoid heart disease Page:—
85. Risk factors analysis for fungal infection in lupus nephritis patients Page:—