Volume: 0 Issue: 06

1. The anatomic foundation of modified rehbein's procedure for treating congenital megacolon Page:—
2. The influences of devascularization versus shunt operation on portal hypertensive gastropathy Page:—
3. Simplified techniques in rat heterotopic small bowel transplantation Page:—
4. The expressions of MMP-2 and MMP-7 in colorectal cancer Page:—
5. Changes of splenic T-lymphocyte subsets in rats with acute pancreatitis Page:—
6. Investigation of gelatin lining vascular wall to prevent from restenosis of rabit femoral arteries after angioplasty Page:—
7. A research on the brain damage of lysophosphatidyl choline in rats with pancreatitis Page:—
8. Effect of nitric oxide and inducible nitric oxide synthase in experimental aortic aneurysm Page:—
9. The effect of VEGF-C on the advance and prognosis of colon cancer Page:—
10. MR cholangiopancrcatography and its clinical application Page:—
11. The clinical epidemiologic investigation of gynecomastia in adolescent and the young males Page:—
12. The therapeutic effect of endoscopy on chronic pancreatitis:report of 72 cases Page:—
13. Effects of lipoxygenase inhibitor NDGA on telomerase and bcl-2 in breast cancer MCF-7 cells Page:—
14. Grape seed polyphenols reverses multidrug resistance of GBC-SD cell lines Page:—
15. PTEN gene mutation in gastric carcinoma Page:—
16. The choice of different kinds of fluid for acute hypervolemic hemodilution in patients undergoing gastrointestinal operation during induction of general anesthesia Page:—
17. Hemorrhage in laparoscopic cholecystectomy:the cause and management Page:—
18. Relationship between IL-1 gene polymorphisns and gastric adenocarcinoma Page:—
19. Analysis of changes of the platelet count after splenectomy in patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension Page:—
20. The diagnostic value of plasma D-dimer as an early marker in acute mesenteric Ischemia Page:—
21. The relationship between immunoregulatory cytokines and intrahepatic metastasis and recurrence in primary hepatocellular carcinoma Page:—
22. Immunohistochemical study of the synaptophysin in hirschsprung’s disease Page:—
23. The effect of rhGH on the apoptosis and expression of P53 in IgA plasmocytes of intestinal wall after intestinal ischemia-reperfusion injury of rats Page:—
24. Relationshinp between the expression of CXCR4 and VEGF-C with lymph node metastasis in human rectal cancer Page:—
25. Analysis of clinical features and prognostic factors in young women with stage Ⅰ to Ⅲ breast cancers Page:—
26. Clinical application of reservation of partial duodenum in pancreaticoduodenectomy Page:—
27. Antisense intergrin ?V and integrin ?3 suppresses the growth of pancreatic carcinoma in rats Page:—
28. Surgical strategy in patients with portal vein organized thrombosis during liver transplantation Page:—
29. Diagnosis and treatment of traumatic chyloperitoneum Page:—
30. Reasons and prevention of residual stones after choledo-choscopic treatment of cholelithiasis Page:—
31. Effect on the micro- and ultramicro-structure of intrahepatic bile duct mediated by hypoxic preconditioning after liver graft Page:—
32. Study of liver function factors and cytokines following crashing liver injury Page:—
33. Clinical comparison of immune response after laparoscope-assisted and open radical operation for advanced gastric cancer Page:—
34. Management of anastomotic leakage after sphincter preserving surgery for rectal cancer Page:—
35. Expression of c-erbB-2 and ki67 proteins in simple intestinal metaplasia,atypical intestinal metaplasia and gastric adenocarcinoma Page:—
36. Detections of tenascin and microvascular density in hepatocellular carcinoma and their clinical significance Page:—
37. Research of peritoneal micrometastasis in patients with gastric carcinoma Page:—
38. Techniques and effects of laparoscopic total extraperitoneal hernia repair without using dissection ballon and stapling patch Page:—
39. Influence research on alcohol to genotype disposition of HCV and change of cytokines in HCV patients Page:—
40. Preliminary analysis of side population phenotypes in human epithelial cells Page:—
41. Role of NF-?B in hepatocyte apoptosis induced by intestinal perforations due to abdominal firearm wound Page:—