Volume: 0 Issue: 05

1. The change of intestinal mucosal barrier in severe acute pancreatitis Page:—
2. Mutations in the D-loop region of mitochondrial DNA in gastric cancer Page:—
3. Role of NF-?B p50 protein in pathologic responses of experimental acute pancreatitis in mice Page:—
4. Preventing acute rejection after liver transplantation via blockading B7/CD28 costimulatory pathway in rats Page:—
5. Comparative Study of Mammography with Ultrasonography for the Diagnosis of Breast disease with Microcalcification Page:—
6. Experimental study on the cell culture and secretory function of parathyroid cells in rats Page:—
7. Expression and clinical significance of resistance protein and C-erbB-2 in tissues of breast cancer Page:—
8. The effect of acupunctural and moxibustional therapy on the apoptosis of breast cell MCF-7 Page:—
9. The effect of lipoxygenase inhibitor (NDGA) on the expression of VEGF and CD44V6 in breast cancer MCF-7 cells Page:—
10. The study of renal injury in portal hypertensive rat after the occlusion of portal vein and inferior vena cava Page:—
11. The effects of adramycin on the human liver hilar cholangiocarcinona cell line FRH-0201 Page:—
12. Clinical study of postoperative intraperitoneal hyperthermic perfusion combined with venoclysis for gastric cancer Page:—
13. Expression and significance of cyclinB1 and CDK1 in gastric cancer Page:—
14. Effect of disconnection and portacaval shunt on the expression of caspase-3 in rats with protal hypertensive gastropathy Page:—
15. Expression of Fas and FasL in gastric cancer Page:—
16. Transanal local excision in the treatment of low rectal cancer in stage I of 29 cases Page:—
17. Application of perforating vein ligation through little incision at subfascial in CVI Page:—
18. Method for calculating the blood concentration of isoflurane with the inspired and expired concentrations during laparoscopic surgery Page:—
19. Expression and clinical significance of Kiss-1 and KAI-1 in colorectal cancer Page:—
20. Effect of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass on type 2 diabetes mellitus and its initial mechanisms Page:—
21. Application of fast-track surgery in colorectal surgery Page:—
22. Effects of neuromuscular block on entropy indices and bispectral index during propofol anesthesia Page:—
23. Correlation between sensitiviy of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and multidrug-resistance in breast carcinoma Page:—
24. Expression and significance of anti-apoptotic gene Bag-1 and Bcl-2 in colorectal cancer Page:—
25. Effects of tamoxifen on proliferation and ER expression of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells Page:—
26. Clinical analysis of Hashimoto's disease complicated with thyroid adenomas in 107 patients Page:—
27. Expression and implication of Survivin and its correlation with p27~(kipl) in gallbladder cancer Page:—
28. Expression of Survivin and its correlation with PTEN and nm23 in hilar cholangiocarcinoma Page:—
29. Expression of integrin ?V?3 in gastric cancers and its clinical significance Page:—
30. Association of HLA-DQA1 allele and chronic hepatitis B,liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma Page:—
31. BFGF improves the viability of subdermal vascular network flap Page:—
32. The effect of Lifein combined with cisplatin on malignant ascites and telomerase activity Page:—
33. The diagnosis value of MRCP in the extrahepatic biliary obstruction diseases Page:—
34. The influence of lymph node metastasis on prognosis of early gastric carcinoma Page:—
35. The expression of human tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-2(TIMP-2)gene in rat aortic smooth muscle cells mediated by adenoviral vector Page:—
36. The Diagnostic Value of Radionuclide Imaging in Hepatic Adenoma Page:—
37. Expression and implication of survivin in gallbladder cancer Page:—
38. Risk factors and treatment of lymphatic fistulas after the radical operation of gastric cancer Page:—
39. Expression and clinical implication of TGF-? and TGF-?1 in pancreatic carcinoma Page:—
40. Analysis of surgical treatment of huge primary liver cancer:report of 86 cases Page:—
41. Effect and mechanism of Ghrelin on the colonic motility of diabetic mice Page:—
42. Effect and mechanism of ischemic postconditioning on lung injury induced by ischemia-reperfusion of skeletal muscle in the hind limbs of rats Page:—
43. Influence of ischemia/reperfusion on function of vascular endothelial cells and effect of intervention with drug Page:—