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Volume: Issue: 4

1. Analysis of therapeutic effects of radiochemotherapy and chemotherapy alone in patients with advanced gastric cancer after gastrectomy Page:263—265
2. Implement of the radiation therapy case study multi-media system based on windows remote desktop feature Page:322—324
3. Long-term outcomes of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma in different stages treated by intensity-modulated radiotherapy and their treatment strategies Page:291—294
4. Prognostic impact of MRI-detected prevertebral space involvement in nasopharyngeal carcinoma Page:295—298
5. Prognostic impact of degree of bone metastasis in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma after radiochemotherapy Page:299—302
6. Study on multicriteria optimization of intensity-modulated radiotherapy planning comparing with direct machine parameter optimization Page:305—308
7. Delta three-dimensional semiconductor array verification for intensity modulated planning of helical tomotherapy Page:309—311
8. Analyse two kinds of intensity-modulated radiotherapy verification methods comparatively by using the MatriXX Page:312—314
9. The clinical effect of Body-Fix(R) device in improving the positioning accuracy of the hypofractionated radiotherapy in the vertebral metastatic patients Page:315—317
10. UHRF1 expression inhibition by RNA interference enhances the radiosensitivity of esophageal cancer cells Page:326—329
11. A study of radiosensitizing effect of PKM2 silencing in lung adenocarcinoma cells and xenografts Page:466—470
12. Preliminary efficacy of bevacizumab for cerebral radiation necrosis Page:434—437
13. Safety analysis of Intensity-modulated radiation therapy of glioblastoma with simultaneous integrated boost technique Page:431—433
14. Paired observation of californium-252 neutron intraluminal brachytherapy combined with external-beam radiotherapy with and without lead shielding for cervical cancer Page:400—403
15. A study of changes in volume and location of target areas and organs at risk in intensity-modulated radiotherapy for cervical cancer Page:395—399
16. Real-time patient transit dose verification of volumetric modulated arc therapy by a 2D ionization chamber array Page:462—465
17. Investigation of CT numbers correction of kilo-voltage cone-beam CT images for accurate dose calculation Page:457—461
18. The effect of the shrinkage of thermoplastic mask on patient positioning Page:454—456
19. The technique and development of total skin electron irradiation-Taiwan experiences Page:449—453
20. Comparing different image registration methods in kilovolt cone-beam computed tomography image-guided radiotherapy for liver cancer Page:444—448
21. The role of transoralsonography guiding fine-needle aspiration biopsy in the diagnosis of retropharyngeal or parapharyngeal masses identified on the images of treated patients with malignant carcinoma Page:427—430
22. Post-treatment prognostic score model establishment and stratified therapy for newly diagnosed metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma Page:421—426
23. A multicenter, prospective, randomized study of intensity-modulated radiother apy combined with different chemotherapy regimens for locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma Page:417—420
24. A comparative study of CT-and MRI-based three-dimensional conformal brachytherapy for locally advanced cervical cancer Page:408—413
25. Clinical efficacy of CyberKnife radiotherapy for locally advanced pancreatic carcinoma Page:392—394
26. Clinical outcome and prognosis of Waldeyer’s ring diffuse large B-cell lymphoma:an analysis of 200 patients Page:382—386
27. Preliminary results of a phase Ⅱ prospective clinical study of early-stage nasal NK/T-cell lymphoma with extended involved-field intensity-modulated radiotherapy Page:377—381
28. A pathological comparative study of diffusion-weighted imaging and computed tomography in determination of lesion length for esophageal carcinoma Page:373—376
29. The patterns of lymph node metastasis in adenocarcinoma of esophagogastric junction:a reference for target volume delineation in radical radiotherapy Page:367—371
30. A prospective, multicenter, phase II clinical study of three-dimensional radiotherapy with concurrent chemotherapy for stage IV non-small-cell lung cancer-PPRA-RTOG003 Page:359—364
31. The research of IMRT plan optimization on dose limitation of sub regional auditory organ Page:438—441,442