Volume: 15

1. Periareolar Approach for Augmentation Mammoplasty. Page:105—115
2. Inframammary Approach for Breast Augmentation. Page:95—104
3. Fat Graft in Prosthetic and Autologous Breast Reconstruction. Page:85—94
4. Experiences in Excessive Fat Survival after Fat Graft in Upper Eyelid. Page:82—84
5. Median Nerve Injury after Liposuction of Upper Arm. Page:78—81
6. Abdominoplasty for Removal of Skin Necrosis as Side Effect of Mesotherapy. Page:74—77
7. Treatment of Osmidrosis Using Combination Techniques. Page:69—73
8. Correlationship between Hair Growth and IGF-1 and TGF-beta1 Levels. Page:64—68
9. Correction of Out-fold to In-fold. Page:61—63
10. Experiences of Seroma after Lipoabdominoplasty. Page:55—60
11. Muscular System of Depressor Septi Nasi: Anatomical Study and Clinical Application. Page:49—54
12. A Modified MACS Lift Combined with Composite Flap Elevation. Page:41—47
13. A Correction of Inverted Nipple by Partial Ductal Division and V-Y Advancement of Parenchyma. Page:35—40
14. Correlation Analysis of Injection Cannula's Diameter and Fat Cell Viability in Autologous Fat Grafts. Page:31—34
15. Endoscopic Transaxillary Breast Augmentation with Cohesive Gel Implant. Page:24—30
16. Reoperative Augmentation Mammoplasty of Saline Implants with Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants: A Personal Review. Page:18—23
17. Surgical Anatomy of the Breast for Mammaplasty Using Breast Implants. Page:8—17
18. Augmentation Mammaplasty Using Cohesive Gel Implants. Page:1—7
19. Total Facial Structural Micro-fat Graft for Aesthetically Beautiful Facial Contour: 3-Dimensional Facial Contouring. Page:234—241
20. Correction of Blepharoptosis using Posterior Check Ligament Sling. Page:228—233
21. Lipoabdominoplasty using Intravenous Sedation. Page:224—227
22. Forehead and Temporal Augmentation with Medium Porosity and High Density ePTFE. Page:218—223
23. Decrease of Areola Diameter after Gynecomastia Correction. Page:213—217
24. Cosmetic Lengthening and Repositioning of the Lateral Canthal Angle with Skin-Muscle Redraping Method. Page:208—212
25. Reverse Skin Redraping Epicanthal Reconstruction. Page:204—207
26. Combination of Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering; Scaffolds. Page:199—203
27. Brief Review of Adipose Derived Cells. Page:192—198
28. Recent Trends of Stem Cell Research in Korea. Page:187—191
29. One Stage Surgical Treatment of the Tuberous Breast: Augmentation Combined with an Unfurling Procedure. Page:165—168
30. Abnormal Wound Healing of Patient with Cushing Syndrome Found after Aesthetic Surgery. Page:161—164
31. Power-Assisted Liposuction and Periareolar Pull-Out Technique for the Treatment of Gynecomastia. Page:158—160
32. Clinical Analysis of Result of Scar Revision According to Scar Hardness. Page:150—157
33. Treatment of Soft Tissue Defect on Nasal Radix after Augmenting Rhinoplasty Using Various Materials. Page:144—149
34. Secondary Contouring of Reconstructed Breast with Fat Graft. Page:139—143
35. A Trial of Radiesse(R) for Facial Soft Tissue Augmentation. Page:132—138
36. Correction of Inverted Nipple Using Lateral Minimal Incision and Twice Purse-String Sutures. Page:127—131
37. Diverse Applications of Dermabond(R)(2-Octylcyanoacrylate) Pasting for Postoperative Wound Management. Page:121—126
38. MACS Lift on Asian: Consideration on Third Purse String Suture and Malar Region. Page:116—120
39. A Case of Intramuscular Ectopic Lacrimal Gland Developing within Muller Muscle. Page:249—251
40. Simple Method for Prevention of Bleeding in Mandible Angle Reduction Ostectomy Using Intravenous Tube Rubber. Page:246—248
41. Correction of Gynecomastia by Subcutaneous Mastectomy through "Zigzag" Wavy-Line Periareolar Incision with Liposuction. Page:242—245