Volume: 36 Issue: 7

1. Nursing experience of patients with Ebola virus disease in Chinese Ebola treatment unit in liberia Page:697—700
2. Knowledge, attitude and practice of standard isolation precautions: An investigation among nursing staffs during anti-Ebola mission in liberia Page:701—703
3. Psychological experience of Chinese nurses during China’s anti-ebola aid in liberia: A qualitative interview Page:704—707
4. The role of a supervising-nurse in self-protection of medical staffs involved in Ebola treatment in liberia Page:708—710
5. Multiple physical exercises improving the physical and mental health of PLA medical staffs in Chinese Ebola treatment unit in liberia Page:711—714
6. Hepatitis B virus mutations during mother-to-children transmission: A preliminary study Page:715—721
7. Ginsenoside metabolites Compound K suppress TNF-α-induced RANTES secretion in human bronchial epithelial cell line Page:722—726
8. Relationship between cognitive impairment and cerebrovascular stenosis in patients with subcortical infarction Page:727—733
9. Expression of eukaryotic elongation factor 1A1 in renal cell carcinoma of T1N0M0 stage and its relationship with prognosis Page:734—740
10. Balloon dilatation of Forley catheter in establishing a reflux esophagitis model Page:741—746
11. Effect of anticoagulation with enoxaparin following percutaneous coronary intervention on clinical events among patients of different ages Page:747—754
12. Pharmacokinetics of Danhong injection in normal and cold-coagulation and blood-stasis rats Page:755—760
13. Renin-angiotensin system blockade in correction of glucose metabolic disturbance in uninephrectomized rats Page:761—766
14. Relationship between P2X7 receptor and bone metabolism: Recent progress Page:767—770
15. Research progress in new formulation of curcumin for anti-tumor Page:771—775
16. Chronic kidney disease-associated anemia: Progress in treatment Page:776—781
17. Three-dimensional printing for fabricating individualized endplate matching cervical cage Page:782—785
18. Levofloxacin lactate and ceftizoxime for anti-infective therapy of acute edematous biliary pancreatitis: A comparison of efficacy Page:786—789
19. Ultrasound-guided ventriculoatrial shunt in treatment of hydrocephalus: An observation of outcome Page:790—793
20. Protective effect of naloxone injected into cisterna magna on brain tissues of rats following cardiopulmonary resuscitation Page:794—798
21. Transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy: A single center report of 3 256 cases Page:799—801
22. Effect of melatonin receptor agonist Neu-P11 on phosphorylation of protein kinase B in mouse 3T3-L1 adipocytes Page:802—804
23. Laparoscopic diagnosis and treatment of enteric intussusception in children Page:805—807
24. Expression of interleukin-13 in peripheral blood and liver of infants with biliatry atresia or congenital biliary dilatation Page:808—810
25. Acute brain stem infarction-induced anterior internuclear ophthalmoplegia: Clinical and imaging features of 4 cases Page:811—813