Volume: 36 Issue: 6

1. Thinking after fighting against 2014 ebola epidemic in Liberia Page:581—583
2. Clinical characteristic analysis of 5 patients with confirmed ebola virus disease Page:584—589
3. Oral rehydration therapy of ebola virus disease in liberia: A report of 4 cases Page:590—593
4. Clinical analysis of two death cases with confirmed ebola virus disease Page:594—597
5. Laboratory tests for clinical diagnosis and treatment of ebola virus disease Page:598—601
6. Suspected or probable ebola virus disease cases in Liberia: Medical observation and treatment experience of 32 cases Page:602—606
7. Ebola virus and innate immunity Page:607—611
8. Characteristics of genome variations of ebola viruses in 2014 epidemic Page:612—618
9. Integrated genomic analysis-based identification of core pathways and driver genes associated with colorectal carcinoma Page:619—626
10. Prognostic value of liver function after radical excision in patients with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma Page:627—633
11. Estrogen replacement increases β-arrestin2 expression in cardiac tissues in ovariectomized rats Page:634—638
12. Protective effect of brain-derived neurotrophic factor-PLGA sustained release microspheres on peripheral nerve injury Page:639—643
13. Relationship between ulinastatin administration and prognosis of patients with severe sepsis Page:644—648
14. Stateflow and queuing theory-based design of emergency medical rescue simulation system Page:649—654
15. Identification of 9,11-secosterols from the south china sea gorgonian subergorgia suberosa Page:655—660
16. Endovascular treatment of middle cerebral artery aneurysms: Recent progress Page:661—665
17. Effect or acanthopanax senticosus saponins on expression or brain-derived neurotrophic factor and nerve growth factor in rat spinal cord after acute spinal cord injury Page:666—669
18. Prognostic value of arterial blood lactate clearance rate in patients with sepsis: A retrospective study Page:670—674
19. Clinical cliaracteristics and treatment strategy of paroxysmal sympatlietic hyperactivity Page:675—679
20. Red blood cell distribution width is elevated in patients with graves’ ophthalmopathy Page:680—684
21. Protective effects of salvianolic acid B on MPP+ -induced mitochondrial injury in PC12 cells Page:685—689
22. Effects of calcium and magnesium concentrations in drinking water on renal lithogenesis and metabolism in rats with relative hyperoxaluria Page:690—695