Volume: 36 Issue: 11

1. Robot-assisted pedicle screw insertion for scoliosis: First 14 cases in China Page:1161—1166
2. Three alkaloids in Radix Sophorae flavescentis: Metabolic rate in rat liver microsomes and absorption behavior in Caco-2 cells Page:1167—1172
3. Effect of brain transfection of glial fibrillary acidic protein promoter-containing lentivirus on electroencephalogram activity in mice Page:1173—1179
4. Flurbiprofen axetil preconditioning allivates inhalation lung injury in rats Page:1180—1186
5. Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor tracking technique for morphological study of cervical intraspinal tumors Page:1187—1191
6. Ciclopirox olamine in treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis: A randomized controlled study Page:1192—1195
7. Methyl pyropheophorbide-a-mediated photodynamic therapy induces apoptosis in human ovarian cancer cells Page:1196—1201
8. Effect of morphine hydrochloride on growth accumulated degree hour and cephalopharyngeal skeleton of the larvae of Parasarcophaga crassipalpis under natural condition Page:1202—1206
9. In vitro biocompatibility of orthodontic brackets coated with TiO2-xNx thin film Page:1207—1213
10. A cross-sectional study of pain burden of 2 106 adult patients during hospitalization and its clinical implication Page:1214—1218
11. Relationship of H-type hypertension with hematoma enlargement and outcome of cerebral hemorrhage patients Page:1219—1224
12. Pharmacokinetics study of deme-thoxycurcumin hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin phospholipid complex in rats Page:1225—1228
13. Progress in promoting mechanism of tunneling nanotubes formation Page:1229—1232
14. Relationship between GRHL2 gene and tumor of the digestive system: Research progress Page:1233—1237
15. Research progress of tenascin-C in acute aortic dissection Page:1238—1241
16. Correlation between head fat and metabolism in patients of obesity Page:1242—1246
17. Relationship between anxiety and depression symptoms and their associations with HIV high risk sexual behaviors among men who have sex with men (MSM) Page:1247—1253
18. Correlation between Treg/Th17 and Traditonal Chinese Medicine syndrome differentiation classification in patients with immune thrombocytopenia Page:1254—1258
19. Analysis of imaging misdiagnosis of patients with ductal adenocarcinoma of pancreas Page:1259—1263
20. Survey of dental anxiety in jaw cyst patients treated by cyst plug after fenestration decompression Page:1264—1269
21. Urine AQP2 change in patients with asthma controlled to different clinical levels and its relationship with inflammatory factors Page:1270—1274
22. In vitro biocompatibility of orthodontic brackets coated with TiO2-xNx thin film Page:1207—1213