Volume: 27 Issue: 1

1. The cleavage of pyrophosphate by human serum apo-transferrin Page:71—75
2. The cleavage of pyrophosphate by human serum apo-transferrin Page:71—75
3. Research and development of marine bio-active substances and drugs Page:5—7
4. Screening and identification of an anti-bacterial and cytotoxic marine halophilic strain XD20 Page:8—11
5. Preparation, identification and immunological activities of polysaccharides extracted from Mytilus coruscus Page:12—16
6. Extraction of cuttlebone polysaccharides and purification of their active component CPS-1 Page:17—21
7. Bioactive cyclodipeptides extracted from marine microbes in East China Sea Page:22—24
8. Inhibition of xathine oxidase by renierol extracted from South China Sea sponge Page:25—27
9. Effects of cuttlebone polysaccharide CPS-1 on experimental ulcerative colitis in mice Page:28—30
10. Influences of retrorsine on mouse hepatocyte proliferation after liver injury Page:31—35
11. Gene expression profile during early period of smooth muscle cell proliferation in macroangiopathy in diabetic rats with spontaneous hypertension Page:36—40
12. Effect of high zinc concentrations on contents of iron and zinc and expression of their regulating mRNA in Caco-2 cells Page:41—45
13. Mitochondria gene expression in human liver cancer cell line SMMC-7721 Page:46—50
14. Effect of medroxyprogesterone acetate on proliferation and apoptosis of human colorectal cancer cells Page:51—53
15. Correlation of nuclear DNA contents and p53 protein expression with CT image and prognosis of patients with epithelial ovarian tumors Page:54—57
16. Body mass index, waist-to-hip ratio and waist circumference are indicators for impaired glucose tolerance/type 2 diabetes mellitus in the elderly Page:58—61
17. Effects of hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning on physical stamina in mice Page:62—64
18. Study of Cajal interstitial cells in intestine of rats with liver cirrhosis Page:65—67
19. Key residues in CCR5 extracellular loops binding with HIV gp120: A site-directed mutagenesis study Page:68—70
20. The cleavage of pyrophosphate by human serum apo-transferrin Page:71—75
21. Formulation and preparation method of long-acting interferon α-2b loaded injectable microspheres Page:76—80
22. High performance liquid chromatography in determination of calycosin-7-O-β-D-glucoside and formononetin in Radix astragali Page:81—84
23. Application of factor analysis in analyzing management transformation in a Chinese hospital Page:85—87
24. Design of decision-making system for military medical service based on geographic information system Page:88—91
25. Antiaddictive indole alkaloids in Ervatamia yunnanensis and their bioactivity Page:92—96
26. Recent advances in research of dengue virus receptors Page:97—100
27. A simple way to improve fibroblast seeding efficiency and uniformity in constructing 3-D dermal equivalent Page:101—104
28. Primary active components in sepia: A qualitative and quantitative analysis Page:105—107
29. Search for enzyme inhibitors from the ocean Page:1—4