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Volume: 35 Issue: 1

1. A clinical study of dental implantation simultaneously with maxillary sinus augmentation in the presents of antral pseudocyst Page:148—150
2. Endoscope assists in sinus Lifting: A difficult case report Page:150—153
3. A novel tissue engineering complex——BMSCs Sheet-RADA16 scaffold constructed by cell sheet and self-assembled peptides technique Page:5—10
4. The effect of adhesive with different unsealing time on the microleakage of adhesive interface Page:11—14
5. Time series observation on microstructure development of mandibular bone under different occlusal force in rats Page:15—19
6. The inhibitory effect of ozone water on bad breath pathogens in vitro Page:20—23
7. Changes of TGFβ/Smad signaling expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma after hyperthermia Page:24—27
8. Preliminary study on the apoptosis mechanism of microwave ablation in tongue cancer Cal-27 cell transplanted tumor in nude mice Page:28—31
9. The influence of different chemical treatments on the surface modification and biological behavior of PEEK Page:32—36
10. Application of surgical navigation technique in traumatic orbital wall defect reconstruction Page:37—40
11. An epidemiological investigation of oral lesions in HIV infected subjects aged 50 years and older in Yunnan China Page:41—45
12. Evaluation of the life quality of the patients with oral cancer Page:46—50
13. A study of the correlation between dental trauma and the personality of school-aged children Page:51—54
14. Study on finite element modeling approach of mandible with full dentition based on CBCT images Page:55—59
15. The effects of circulating exosomes derived from oral cancer patients on the proliferation, migration and invasiveness of tongue cancer CAL27 cells Page:60—65
16. A systematic review of Yang Yin Sheng Ji pulvis (membranae) for the treatment of recurrent oral ulcer Page:66—70
17. Combined use of miniscrews and clear aligner for en-mass retraction of maxillary anterior teeth: A finite element analysis Page:71—76
18. Clinical study of accelerating orthodontic space closure for missed mandible first molar by Piezocision Page:77—80
19. The influence of root canal moisture on the canal sealing Page:81—86
20. Comparative analysis of shaping ability of three Ni-Ti rotary systems assessed by micro-CT Page:87—90
21. The effects of post space preparation on the apical sealing ability of iRoot SP used for straight root canals Page:91—94
22. A preliminary study on the craniofacial growth rules in patients with repaired cleft lip and palate Page:118—122
23. Application of different biomaterial capping agents in pulpotomy of deciduous molars Page:123—126
24. Post-operation analgesic effects of flurbiprofen compound with sufentanil after maxillofacial surgery Page:127—129
25. The effects of root groove on alveolar bone resorption in elderly patients with periodontitis Page:130—132
26. An assessment of color effect on minimal and no-preparation veneers Page:133—136
27. The effects of oxidative stress induced by occlusal interference and the regulatory mechanism of UCP3 on masseter in rats Page:146—148
28. The effects of palatal spur and chincup in the early treatment of anterior open bite in patients with Angle class Ⅰ malocclusion: A Meta-analysis Page:95—99
29. Anatomic variations and lesions of the maxillary sinus observed by CBCT before sinus augmentation in 666 sinuses of 589 patients Page:100—104
30. The expression and significance of MAPK8 gene in oral squamous cell carcinoma Page:105—108
31. Evaluation of periodontal status of 380 pregnant women and analysis of the related factors Page:109—113
32. The analysis of pschological status of patients with oral lichen planus Page:114—117