WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition> 2017> 24> 6

Volume: 24 Issue: 6

1. Changes of the fungal microbiota in inflamed intestinal mucosa of the patients with Crohn's disease Page:369—373
2. Effect of high amounts of medium chain triglyceride and protein enteral nutrition on gut barrier function during the perioperative period in patient with malignant obstructive jaundice Page:351—354
3. Changes and influence factors of body fluid volume and distribution after abdominal surgery Page:346—350
4. The correlation between early enteral nutrition and ventilator associated pneumonia in patients with severe cerebrovascular disease Page:341—345
5. The effect of preoperative body composition and nutritional status measurements on clinical outcomes for patients with gastrointestinal cancer Page:377—380
6. Progress in the implementation protocol of early enteral nutrition in surgical critically ill patients Page:374—376,380
7. Nutrition support in neonates with congenital heart disease during the perioperative period Page:365—368,373
8. Effect of oral dietary fiber on recovery of intestinal function after two cesarean section Page:361—364
9. The clinical application of postoperative early enteral immunonutrition in totally endoscopic esophagectomy Page:355—360
10. Investigation and analysis of malnutrition after adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with gastrointestinal tumor Page:336—340
11. Effect of early enteral nutrition combined with thymosin alpha-1 on patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and respiratory failure Page:332—335