WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition> 2017> 24> 3

Volume: 24 Issue: 3

1. Risk factors and effects of intolerance of early enteral nutrition after surgery for gastric cancer Page:155—158,163
2. Preoperative nutritional risk is a risk factor for adverse clinical outcomes in gastric cancer patients Page:150—154
3. The effect of comprehensive intervention program on early postoperative enteral nutrition tolerance and recovery of patients with esophageal cancer Page:146—149
4. The research development of oil fat emulsion in severe acute pancreatitis Page:181—185,188
5. Current situation of enhanced recovery after surgery in pediatric surgery Page:177—180
6. Methods and nutritional effects of gastroscopic jejunal access for enteral feeding Page:174—176
7. Introduction of a modified PICC blind puncture catheterization technique Page:171—173
8. Clinical study of nutritional support in patients with acute peritonitis caused by colonic perforation Page:168—170
9. Clinical observation on the treatment of dysphagia in the patients with Wallenberg syndrome by intermittent oro-esophageal tube feeding Page:164—167
10. The effects of probiotics on the stabilization of blood glucose and the mechanism in children with severe infectious pneumonia Page:159—163
11. Amelioration of low dose enteral nutrition on the intestinal barrier and systemic inflammation for septic shock patients combined with acute gastrointestinal injury Page:143—145,149
12. Comparison of three nutritional screening tools for assessment of dialysis-related protein-energy wasting in maintenance hemodialysis patients Page:138—142