WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition> 2017> 24> 2

Volume: 24 Issue: 2

1. Effect of intestinal microflora on immune function and its new progress Page:118—121
2. Effect of plateau environment on the body compositions of soldiers Page:109—111
3. Contrast analysis of nutritional status between patients of alcoholic cirrhosis and viral cirrhosis Page:105—108
4. The effect of different doses of nutrition support on outcomes in trauma patients Page:101—104,108
5. Curative effect of enteral and parenteral nutrition support therapy in elderly patients with severe pneumonia Page:98—100
6. The influence of Electroacupuncture therapy for critical illpatients with acute gastrointestinal injury Page:94—97
7. The effect of enteral immunonutrition on intestinal barrier function and immune function in patients with severe pneumonia Page:86—89,93
8. Methodological research of nasointestinal tube positioning confirmed by gastrointestinal contrastenhanced ultrasound combined gas injection Page:112—117,121
9. Effects of early enteral nutrition combined with synbiotics on CRP and PCT in patients with severe head injure Page:90—93
10. Clinical study on nutriti0nal interventi0n in patients with Alzheimer(s) disease Page:75—77
11. Advance of the improvement effect of dietary fiber on intestinal motility disorders Page:122—126
12. The effect of Nutritional Risk Screening 2002 on nutritional status and clinical outcomes of liver surgery patients Page:82—85
13. The incidence and risk factors associated with sarcopenia in maintenance hemodialysis patients Page:78—81,85