WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition> 2004> 0> 06

Volume: 0 Issue: 06

1. The experimental studys on the effect of glutamine in the intestinal barrier function on rats Page:—
2. The early enteral nutrition by naso-jejunal tube in critical ill patients Page:—
3. Effects of low-dose recombinant human growth hormone on acute phase response in patients with abdominal sepsis Page:—
4. The study of the molecular structure and function of intestinal epithelial tight junction proteins Page:—
5. Influence of recombinant growth hormone on protein metabolismin hepatocirrhosis: an animal experiment Page:—
6. Effect of different kinds of fat emulsion on blood lipid and arterial blood gas in critically ill preterm infants Page:—
7. A study on the relation between hyperglycemia in surgical critical patients and prognosis Page:—
8. Discussion of the WEIQI theory and parenteral and enteral nutrition Page:—
9. The influences of different nutritional formulas and routes on the intestinal barrier inrats with gut ischemia/reperfusion injury Page:—
10. Clinical value of total parenteral nutrition for patients with tetanus Page:—
11. Stress and nutrition support Page:—
12. Progress in the mechanism of post-traumatic insulin resistance Page:—
13. Hypocholesterolemia appears negatively a prognostic parameter Page:—
14. Energy metabolism and diet therapy in OSA patients Page:—
15. The neoplastic action mechonism of somatostatin and its application in pancreatic cancer Page:—
16. The replacement therapy of pancreatic enzyme Page:—
17. Early nutritional support in brain operation patients Page:—
18. The effect of early enternal nutrition combined with parenteral nutrition on the body composition of ASP patients Page:—
19. Effect of SR carbohydrate system on glucose and lipid metabolism in the elder patients with type 2 diabetes Page:—
20. Change of intestinal permeability and its relationship with serum proteins in patients with pancreatic cancer Page:—
21. Prevalence and correlated factors of hyperuricemia in the middle-and-old aged inhabitants of Nanjing Page:—
22. The effect of combination of D-methionine and docetaxel on gastric cancer cells Page:—
23. Perioperative ?-3 fatty acid in obstructive jaundice patients Page:—
24. The clinical value of serum fibronectin and prealbumin as markers for nutritional assessment in nutrition support Page:—
25. The growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor axis and colorectal cancer Page:—
26. Analysis of early enteral nutrition treatment in postoperative patients with esophageal or cardiac cancer Page:—
27. A clinical study of intestinal permeability,body component analysis and their relationship in pancreatic cancer patients Page:—
28. Effect of postoperative parenteral nutrition with arginine and glutamine on patients with gastric cancer Page:—
29. Effect of glutamine on Hsp70 expression and immune in patients with acute cerebral infarction Page:—
30. The study on diet models for chronic renal failure Page:—
31. The role of enteral nutrition in the treatment of heart failure with hyponatremia Page:—
32. Gut-derived-infection and biological behavior of intestinal bacteria Page:—
33. Enteral nutrition in critically ill patients with hyperglycemia Page:—
34. Gut barrier dysfunction in severe acute pancreatitis Page:—
35. The effect of the preoperative oral carbohydrate treatment on immediate postoperative insulin resistance in patients after colorectal cancer resection Page:—
36. Effect of enteral nutrition on stress response and gut barrier function after esophagectomy Page:—
37. Effects of alanyl-glutamine dipeptide on postoperative intestinal permeability and stress response Page:—
38. Selection and evaluation of the methods of tissue processing on mucosa tissue from small intestine transplantation Page:—
39. The effect of early higher protein nutrition support and growth hormone in patients with severe craniocerebral injury Page:—
40. Nutritional support in early postoperative inflammatory small bowel obstruction Page:—
41. The protective effect of supplementation of protein diet on intestinal barrier in semi-starvation rats Page:—
42. The effect of tacrolimus on intestinal barrier function Page:—
43. The immune mechanisms of Toll-like receptors in intestinal epithelial barrier Page:—
44. A new strategy for medical therapy of Crohn's disease:the top-down approach Page:—