WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition> 2004> 0> 05

Volume: 0 Issue: 05

1. Effect of alanyl-glutamine on metabolism of protein and nutrition states after liver transplantation Page:—
2. Nutritional therapy of gestational diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance Page:—
3. Advance in gut bacterial translocation Page:—
4. Effects of ?-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on immune cell Page:—
5. Application of combination of parenteral nutrition and enteral nutrition in early treatment of postsurgical gastroparesis syndrome Page:—
6. Clinical observation of nutritional support with protein diet in patients with moderate and severe burns Page:—
7. Experimental study on the effects of butyrate on the apoptosis of colon cancer cell line Page:—
8. Combined use of early enteral nutrition, growth hormone and fibrin glue improves healing of intestinal anastomosis in intra-abdominal sepsis rats Page:—
9. Effect of simulated altitude acute hypoxia on appetite and orexin mRNA expression in rats Page:—
10. Interleukin-2? receptor in membrane lipid rafts Page:—
11. Evaluation of parenteral nutrition Page:—
12. Research progress in clinical use of LCarnitine Page:—
13. Glycemic index and diet management of diabetes mellitus Page:—
14. The biological functions of intestinal epithelial tight junctions and its role in intestinal barrier Page:—
15. Short chain fatty acids affect colon cancer cells proliferation and differentiation Page:—
16. Clinical experience of PICC in the acute and severe patients Page:—
17. Application of enteral and parenteral nutrition support in critically ill patients Page:—
18. Preoperative albumin level and surgical prognostic risk for digestive tract diseases Page:—
19. Experimental study on the mechanism of butyrate inducing the apoptosis of colon cancer cell line Page:—
20. Effect of acute hypoxia with simulated high altitude on expression of orexins in rat hypothalamus Page:—
21. Role of the IGF/HGF/Gln on the culture of the intestinal organoid in vitro Page:—
22. Apoptosis and c-fos expression in the rat gut mucosa following traumatic brain injury Page:—
23. Effect of L-arginine supplemented enteral nutrition on cellular immunological function in rats with severe head injury Page:—
24. Cloning and functional analysis of the promoter region of an intestinal stem cell specific expressed gene,Musashi-1 Page:—
25. Dietary factor and colorectal cancer Page:—
26. Malnutrition and nutrition support in patients of hepatocirrhosis Page:—
27. Determination of somatostatin in serum by large pore liquid chromatography column Page:—
28. Wernicke encephalopathy after long period of TPN:A clinical analysis Page:—
29. Effect of short course-term intensive insulin therapy on stress-induced hyperglycemia in critically ill patients Page:—
30. The effects of combination of parenteral and enteral nutrition on prognosis of severe craniocerebral injury of geriatric patient Page:—
31. Study on the effect of growth hormone and chemotherapy in tumor bcaring micc Page:—
32. Verapamil modulates LPS-induced cytokines production via inhibiting NF-?B activation in the liver of rats Page:—
33. Effect of IGF-1 on the InsR?、? gene expression and protein content in pyaemia rats Page:—
34. The effect of 5 methionine-related media on gastric cancer cells Page:—
35. The effect of glutamine on the nutrition metabolism and intestinal mucous barrier in MODS patients Page:—
36. The use of nutritional support in treatment of chylous leakage after thyroid carcinoma operation Page:—
37. The investigation of body composition analysis on gastric cancer patients Page:—
38. Effect of early postoperative enteral nutrition in patients with esophageal cancer Page:—
39. Abdominal trauma damage control surgery Page:—
40. Food allergy and the role of probiotics in its prevention and treatment Page:—
41. The progress of thymosin ?1 and its mechanisms Page:—
42. The new progresses in the clinical application of probiotics Page:—
43. 200 practising medical students Basal Energy Expenditure Page:—
44. Effects of ginsenoside Rg1 on free amino acids in brain of sports fatigue-mice Page:—
45. Clinical study of early enteral nutrition in patients with large cerebral infarction Page:—
46. Fast track surgery preoperative preparation Page:—
47. Effect of micronutrients on pressure ulcer Page:—
48. The closed re-infusion of intestinal juice for intestinal fistula Page:—
49. Outcome of intestine fistula patients treated with home enteral nutrition before definitive operation Page:—
50. Effect of oat on blood glucose、serum lipid and insulin in aged patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus Page:—
51. Effect of iron overload on bone mass density and the change of micronutrients Page:—
52. The function of healthy education in early enteral nutrition after operation Page:—
53. The preparation method of total nutrient admixture Page:—
54. The clinical effect of enteral nutrition on the patients with acute respiratory failure phase COPD Page:—
55. Effects of recombinant human growth hormone combined with fluorouracil on GHR~(2+) or GHR~+ human gastric cancer cell lines in vitro Page:—
56. The nutrient metabolism under cancer-bearing state Page:—
57. Efficacy of weight loss diet on serum lipid levels Page:—
58. Effect of Lactobacillus Plantarum on expression of tight-junctional molecules in rat hepatocytes during common bile duct ligation Page:—
59. The repairative effect of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells on ischemia-reperfusion injury Page:—