WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Geriatrics> 2018> 37> 12

Volume: 37 Issue: 12

1. Analysis of therapeutic effect of multidisciplinary orthogeriatric management for geriatric hip fractures Page:1312—1315
2. Effect of Gamma 3 intramedullary nails in treating unstable intertrochanteric fractures in the elderly Page:1316—1319
3. Outcome analysis of hip fracture surgery in patients aged 90 and over Page:1320—1323
4. Cause analysis and clinical management of postoperative complications of proximal femoral nail anti-rotation in treating intertrochanteric fractures Page:1324—1327
5. Analysis of risk factors for postoperative respiratory and circulatory complications in elderly patients with hip fracture Page:1328—1331
6. Investigation of the risk assessment ,prevention and management for perioperative stroke in elderly patients with hip fractures Page:1332—1336
7. Perioperative characteristics of hip fractures and effects of early rehabilitation in elderly patients Page:1337—1339
8. Application of enhanced recovery after surgery in the perioperative period of femoral intertrochanteric fractures in elderly patients Page:1340—1342
9. Causes and therapeutic effects of conservative treatment for hip fracture in the elderly Page:1343—1347
10. Effects of nerve block anesthesia versus general anesthesia on intertrochanteric fractures in the elderly Page:1348—1351
11. Efficacy of long-term treatment with Teriparatide on osteoporotic intertrochanteric fracture in the elderly Page:1352—1356
12. Effectiveness and safety of drug-eluting stent implantation following rotational atherectomy for severe coronary arteries calcification in elderly patients Page:1357—1360
13. Effects of Levosimendan on haemodynamics in heart failure patients with low cardiac output Page:1361—1364
14. Distribution of pathogens and their drug resistance in aged patients with community-acquired pneumonia Page:1365—1368
15. Therapeutic effects of a traditional Chinese medicine decoction on cognitive impairment complicated with pulmonary infection after traumatic brain injury Page:1369—1371
16. Effects of Edaravone on protein expression of the mitogen-activated protein kinase/extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase signaling pathway in elderly patients with acute ischemic stroke Page:1372—1375
17. Correlation between dyslipidemia and diabetic retinopathy in diabetic patients aged 80 years and over Page:1376—1378
18. Study on carotid artery elasticity in elderly patients with metabolic syndrome Page:1379—1382
19. Association between frailty and serum biomarkers in older adults Page:1383—1386
20. Analysis of risk factors for renal function deterioration in patients with lupus nephritis Page:1387—1389
21. Clinical and prognostic analysis of elderly patients with cervical cancer Page:1390—1394
22. Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of Remifentanil versus Fentanyl anesthesia applied in urological laparoscopic surgery Page:1395—1398
23. Multiple factor analysis of depression in community-dwelling elderly residents in Beijing :A cross-sectional study Page:1402—1406
24. Exploration of influencing factors for comprehensive geriatric assessment carried out in geriatric departments of comprehensive hospitals in Sichuan province Page:1407—1411
25. Effect of ultrasonic debridement for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers :a meta-analysis Page:1412—1415
26. The latest progression for treatment of hip fracture in the elderly Page:1418—1422
27. Research progress on palmitoylation of postsynaptic density protein 95 Page:1423—1427
28. Relationship between gut microbiota and healthy aging :Research progress and future prospective Page:1428—1432