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Volume: 33 Issue: 11

1. Analysis of the elderly tuberculosis literatures published in Chinese Medical Association Journals from 2004 to 2013 Page:1238—1241
2. Lymphoma combined with lymph tuberculosis: a case report Page:1242—1243
3. Falls and Alzheimer's disease Page:1244—1246
4. Research on the progress of relationships between LMNA products and aging or age-related diseases Page:1247—1250
5. Inflammaging: unbalanced interplay between inflammasomes and autophagy Page:1251—1253
6. The predictive value of heart rate variability to, and its correlation with ventricular arrhythmias in patients with structural heart disease Page:1161—1163
7. Application of emergency intra-aortic balloon pump counter pulsation in elderly patients with acute myocardial infarction combined with cardiogenic shock Page:1164—1166
8. Relationship between dysphagia and the location of brain lesions in acute stroke Page:1179—1182
9. Effect of Levodopa on verbal and spatial working memory in elderly patients with Parkinson's disease Page:1183—1186
10. The relationship between subclinical hypothyroidism and diabetic retinopathy in elderly type 2 diabetic patients Page:1187—1190
11. Correlation between auditory event-related potentials to an oddball task and age in healthy adults Page:1198—1201
12. Diagnostic value of bedside ultrasound on severe pneumonia in elderly cases and their ultrasonic characteristics Page:1202—1205
13. Effect of chronic intermittent hypoxia on the activities of apoptosis regulating factor cysteine-containing aspartate-specific protease-3 and oxidative stress marker myeloperoxidase in cardiomyocyte in rats fed a high-fat diet Page:1216—1219
14. Effect of PD-1 pathway on the progression of atherosclerosis and atherosclerotic plaque composition Page:1220—1222
15. Utilization of frailty index in evaluating prognosis for Beijing older adults Page:1223—1226
16. Study of P300 in senile patients with depression: a meta-analysis of domestic literatures Page:1235—1237
17. The effect and mechanism of Vitamin D supplement on sarcopenia Page:1254—1256
18. The differentiation of dementia Page:1257—1259
19. "Comments on the article "" Clinical effect of methylprednisolone and budesonide suspension inhalation on relieving postextubation throat complications in patients undergoing tracheal intubation""" Page:1260—1261
20. Effect of bilevel positive airway pressure ventilation on plasma level of N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide in patients with chronic pulmonary heart disease and hypercapnic respiratory failure Page:1157—1160
21. Study on plasma von Willebrand factor in the prediction of risk of ischemic events in patients undergoing off-pump coronary artery bypass graft Page:1171—1175
22. Effects of and Smeton on inflammatory mediator levels and therapeutic outcomes in elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:1176—1178
23. Classified treatment of severe osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture by percutaneous kyphoplasty Page:1194—1197
24. Applicative value of transrectal contrast enhanced ultrasound in T-Staging of rectal cancer Page:1206—1209
25. Therapeutic effect analysis of Ambroxol in combination with inhaled Combivent on acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:1210—1211
26. Comparison of the pacemaker current in canine sino-atrial node cells and the wild type mHCN2 pacemaker current in neonatal rat myocardial cells Page:1212—1215