WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Geriatrics> 2008> 27> 9

Volume: 27 Issue: 9

1. Conservation surgery of laryngeal function for laryngeal carcinoma in patients aged 70 years and over Page:674—675
2. Alternative methods for assessing bronchodilator reversibility in patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:661—664
3. Changes in mRNA levels of cardiac α1-adrenergic receptor and angiotensin Ⅱ receptor subtypes with aging in rats Page:697—701
4. Relationship of gene polymorphisms of angiotensin convertion enzyme, aldosterone synthase and α-adducin with subclinical renal lesion Page:653—656
5. The sensitivity and specificity of ankle brachial index in diagnosis of lower extremity arterial disease in the patients with high cardiovascular risk Page:641—644
6. Study on the relationship between lower limb artherosclerosis and cardiac function in elderly patients with diabetes mellitus complicated with coronary heart disease Page:645—648
7. Different effects of simvustatin on proliferation of rat smooth muscle progenitor cells versus endothelial progenitor cells Page:702—705
8. Changes of serum osteoprotegerin level in elderly men with osteoporosis during the course of Fosamax treatment Page:679—682
9. Study on proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the basal ganglia of elderly people Page:670—673
10. Clinical analysis of acute cerebral infarction combined with deep venous thrombosis of lower extremities in the elderly Page:668—669
11. Distribution and evolution of the risk factors for coronary heart disease in middle-aging males Page:657—660
12. Application value of three-dimensional power Doppler imaging in diagnosis of carotid artery stenosis in the elderly Page:649—652
13. The relationship between hepatocyte growth factor and myocardial fibrosis in spontaneously hypertensive rats Page:706—710
14. The role of a combined detection of three kinds of autoantibodies in the diagnosis of elderly-onset rheumatoid arthritis Page:676—678
15. The follow-up study of therapeutic effects of alendronate sodium on osteoporosis Page:665—667