WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Geriatrics> 2008> 27> 7

Volume: 27 Issue: 7

1. Effect of low molecular weight substance extracted from chick embryo on mitochondrial DNA deletion in aging mice induced by D-galactose Page:544—547
2. The change of MTH2 expression with aging in hippocampi of senescence-accelerated mouse P8 Page:537—540
3. Therapeutic effects of prostaglandin E1 on diabetic nephropathy in different periods in the elderly people Page:498—501
4. Correlation of hemoglobin level with cytokines neurohormonal activity and their effects on ventricular remodeling in patients with congestive heart failure Page:494—497
5. Clinical study of early intervention treatment of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in the elderly Page:487—489
6. Clinical significance of inhaling ambroxol hydrochloride in airway inflammation in elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:521—524
7. Effect of chemotherapy combined with amino acid on quality of life in elderly patients with non-small cell lung cancer Page:506—509
8. Influence of aging on motor function and striatum dopamine transporter of rats Page:541—543
9. Clinical characteristics of pulmonary embolism and thrombolytic therapy in elderly patients Page:510—513
10. Clinical application of adenosine myocardial perfusion imaging for detecting coronary artery disease in the elderly Page:490—493
11. Investigation on the activities of daily living for elderly people in Changsha area Page:552—554
12. Association between WNK4 polymorphism and essential hypertension in Kazak population in China Page:548—551
13. Risk factors for nosocomial pneumonia in elderly stroke patients Page:518—520
14. The study on ocular motor function of patients with Parkinson disease at early and moderate stage Page:514—517