Volume: 27

1. Prevalence situation and risk factors related to acne in adult woman Page:133—138
2. Clinical effects of isotretinoin combined with anti-sensitive moisturizing tolerance-extreme cream on severe acne Page:139—144
3. Effects of different negative pressure suction devices on collagen, MMP-1 and TGF-β secretion of skin Page:145—148
4. Tissue-engineered cartilage nanoscaffolds prepared with collagen, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate Page:161—164
5. Effect of skull drilling combined with artificial dermis and vacuum sealing drainage in repairing scalp defect with skull exposure Page:165—169
6. Treatment of implant malposition after breast implant augmentation Page:271—274
7. Reasons of asymmetry after blepharoplasty and comparison around repair Page:275—278
8. Managing nipple necrosis secondary to inverted nipple repair Page:279—281
9. Clinical effects of pretarsal orbicularis-tarsus fixation technique in double eyelidplasty Page:285—288
10. Effect of shortening of levator palpebrae complex on combined fascial sheath suspension in severe blepharoptosis Page:289—292
11. Conjoint fascial sheath suspension in treatment of severe blepharoptosis caused by inadequate suspension system tension Page:293—296
12. Effect of immediate prosthetic breast reconstruction in patients with breast cancer Page:297—300
13. Analgesic effect of local anesthesia combined with nerve block anesthesia on golden micro-needles for improving facial aging Page:301—304
14. treatment of mild to moderate periorbital aging in Asians with ultrapulsed fractional CO 2 laser Page:305—309
15. Sequential therapy by local injection of triamcinolone acetonide and lattice CO 2 laser for hypertrophic scar Page:310—312
16. Effect of gold micro needle radiofrequency combined with syringe needle subsicion therapy on scar release operation Page:313—316
17. Risk factors of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation after laser in treatment of acquired bilateral nevus of Ota-like macules Page:424—427
18. Clinical application of micro-crosslinked hyaluronic acid injection in facial rejuvenation Page:428—431
19. Clinical efficacy of Qingpeng ointment in treatment of acute herpes zoster neuralgia Page:432—435
20. Repair of UVB damage in mouse skin by adipose derived stem cells Page:436—439
21. Effect of botulinum toxin A on fat breastaugmentation: a preliminary randomized controlled clinical study Page:459—463
22. Application of adjustable external volume expansion assisted autologous fat grafting in breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery Page:464—468
23. Effect of breast external tissue expander assisted autologous fat transplantation in augmentation mammoplasty Page:469—473
24. Application of SVF-gel and Coleman fat in facial volume filling Page:474—477
25. Impact of aesthetic suture techniques training in improving the suture quality of non-plastic surgeons Page:481—483
26. Effects of lower eyelid blepharoplasty on palpebral bags with different etiology Page:484—488
27. Endoscopy assisted sub-pectoral fascial breast augmentation and reconstruction: preliminary clinical results Page:489—491
28. Clinical outcomes of personalized PEEK prosthesis in correcting nasolabial fold depression Page:494—498
29. Mandibular morphology change due to mandibular angle osteotomy: a cone beam computed tomography-based three-dimensional cephalometry analysis Page:499—504
30. Correction of sunken upper eyelids with central orbital fat transposition during upper blepharoplasty Page:509—512
31. Rate of capsular contracture among different breast implants in the last two decades: a meta-analysis Page:513—516
32. Clinical application of autologous fat grafting in hand rejuvenation Page:517—519
33. Clinical effect of facial and neck liposuction combined with bipolar radiofrequency in mandibular margin shaping Page:520—522
34. Effect of decision-making assistance in prosthesis selection of breast augmentation patients Page:523—526
35. Questionnaire on breast cancer patients'needs for breast reconstruction during different treatment periods Page:527—530
36. A modified method of platelet-rich plasma preparation and level measurement of growth factors Page:531—534
37. Clinical effectiveness of photodynamic therapy combined with oral isotretinoin for moderate to severe facial acne Page:535—538
38. Clinical outcome of hair transplantation combined with SVF GEL assisted fat transplantation in cicatricial alopecia Page:539—542
39. Effect of dimethylaminoethanol intradermal injection on collagen synthesis in an aging model of rats Page:543—547
40. Complications in different breast reconstruction methods after breast cancer surgery: a Meta-analysis Page:1—6
41. Clinical efficacy of inferior pedicle flap method in reduction mammaplasty Page:7—10
42. Comparison of clinical effects between different procedures for breast augmentation Page:11—13
43. Endoscopic forehead lift with frontalis muscle resection by parallel incision Page:20—23
44. Short- and long-term outcomes of comprehensive facial rhytidectomy using FACE-Q scales Page:24—28
45. Clinical efficacy of combined transverse upper gracilis flap and adductor magnus perforator flap in breast reconstruction Page:29—33
46. Measurement of healthy young female's auricular lobules and its related factors Page:34—37
47. Clinical efficacy of immediate breast reconstruction with silicone prosthesis after nipple areolar sparing mastectomy for breast cancer Page:38—41
48. Reconstuctive strategy of the defect of anterior rectus fascia and rectus abdominus muscle Page:42—45
49. Clinical efficacy of transconjunctival lower eyelid blepharoplasty on correction of the eyelid orbital sulcus deformity Page:46—48
50. Adult penis virtual surgery simulation based on force feedback and rapid prototyping technology Page:49—51
51. Treatment plan of mycobacterium abscessus infection after autologous fat injection Page:52—54
52. Random flap with a retroauricular subcutaneous pedicle for reconstuction of anterior auricular conchal defect Page:55—57
53. Effect of hair care products containing zinc pyrithione, pollen extract, sachitin and other ingredients assisted with finasteride on androgenic alopecia Page:58—61
54. Three-dimentional cultured adipose mesenchymal stem cells for alveolar cleft bone repair: an in vitro study Page:62—66
55. Application of autogenous cartilage transplantation in correction of nasal soft-tissue triangle deformities aided by 3D technology Page:81—85
56. Efficacy of costal cartilage cortex with retained costal perichondrium on nasal tip reconstruction Page:86—89
57. Effect of dense dermal fiber structure reconstruction in suprapical region of the nose on correction of nasal hypertrophy Page:90—93
58. Clinical effect of modified autogenous fat grafting for sunken upper eyelid Page:94—96
59. Clinical effect of rhinoplasty with ear cartilage and silicone prosthesis: a three-dimensional scanning study Page:99—103
60. Clinical effect of stromal vascular fraction gel injection on local rhinoplasty Page:104—108
61. Effect of modified auricle cartilage nasal septum extension stent on rhinoplasty Page:109—112
62. Clinical effect of nasal septal cartilage combined with auricular cartilage on improving nasal tip shape Page:113—116
63. Tension reducing suspension suture technique in preventing alopecia after rhytidectomy Page:117—120
64. Two-step method using bipolar radiofrequency BodyTite in liposuction of upper arm with cutis laxa Page:121—123
65. Histopathological and MRI characteristics of facial unidentified filling objects Page:124—128
66. Effect of orthodontic treatment on adult severe periodontal disease Page:129—132
67. Clinical effect of multi-level injection of nano-fat injection to correct the depression of upper eyelid Page:170—172
68. Application of double V-Y advancement of mucosal flap procedure for lower-lip paramedian tubercles plasty Page:173—176
69. Application of reductional M-shaped plasty in upper lip aesthetic improvement Page:177—180
70. Application of cosmetic suture technique in professional skill training of plastic surgery Page:187—190
71. Application of orbital fat flap combined with free fat in correction of moderately or severe sunken upper eyelid and multiple folds Page:191—194
72. Soft tissue composition and tailor-made blepharoplasty for upper eyelid puffiness Page:195—198
73. Artificial dermis combined with KCI negative pressure suction device in repair of skull exposure after scalp malignant tumor surgery Page:199—202
74. Application of epinephrine saline rinsing solution in hemostasis of cleft palate repair Page:203—205
75. Effect of modified upper lip lifting by retaining nasal columellar base incision Page:206—209
76. Effect of bipolar radio frequency in combination with small incision on lower facial lifting and shaping Page:210—213
77. Clinical effects of excision and setons drainage management in treatment of early and medium-term perifolliculitis capitis abscedenset suffodiens Page:214—217
78. Clinical significance of suction blister transplantation in improving efficacy of ReCell technique in treatment of vitiligo Page:218—221
79. Repair effects of varying degrees of iatrogenic penis skin necrosis Page:222—225
80. Regeneration and differentiation of decellularized adipose matrix in periosteal microenvironment Page:226—230
81. Effect of alpha hydroxy acids on facial acne patients Page:260—263
82. Effect of microfat injection on facial burn scars Page:317—319
83. Soothing moisturizing repair cream in promoting wound repair of acne depressed scar after laser operation: a clinical analysis Page:320—324
84. Effect of propranolol on angiopoietin and Tie2 in nude mice model with hemangioma Page:325—329
85. Effect of donor age on biological characteristics of adipose-derived stem cells Page:361—367
86. Preparation and application of injectable human decellular adipose tissue matrix homogenate Page:368—373
87. Comparison of clinical efficacy between autologous fat injection and orbital septum fat reset for infraorbital margin depression in young people Page:374—378
88. Efficacy of Doppler ultrasound-assisted facial filler injection Page:379—382
89. Clinical application of autologous nanofat combined with pearl fat transplantation in comprehensive improvementof lacrimal groove depression Page:383—386
90. Effect of sodium hyaluronate compound solution injected with booster in treatment of neck wrinkles Page:387—390
91. Application of multi-point acupuncture and lavage in facial filling material removal Page:391—393
92. Anatomy and measurement of the zygomatic ligaments Page:394—397
93. Autologous fat injection for female genital cosmetic based on the anatomy and aesthetics of the perineum Page:398—401
94. Morphological and functional evaluation of digital technology combined with endoscope-assisted surgery of crooked nose Page:405—410
95. Application of nasolabial subcutaneous pedicled flap in repairing skin defect after resection of nasolabial mass Page:411—414
96. Clinical effects of conjoint fascial sheath suspension and frontalis muscle flap suspension in correction of severe blepharoptosis: a Meta-analysis Page:415—418
97. Effect of botulinum toxin type a in congenital muscular torticollis Page:419—423