Volume: 27 Issue: 6

1. Effect of botulinum toxin A on fat breastaugmentation: a preliminary randomized controlled clinical study Page:459—463
2. Application of adjustable external volume expansion assisted autologous fat grafting in breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery Page:464—468
3. Effect of breast external tissue expander assisted autologous fat transplantation in augmentation mammoplasty Page:469—473
4. Application of SVF-gel and Coleman fat in facial volume filling Page:474—477
5. Impact of aesthetic suture techniques training in improving the suture quality of non-plastic surgeons Page:481—483
6. Effects of lower eyelid blepharoplasty on palpebral bags with different etiology Page:484—488
7. Endoscopy assisted sub-pectoral fascial breast augmentation and reconstruction: preliminary clinical results Page:489—491
8. Clinical outcomes of personalized PEEK prosthesis in correcting nasolabial fold depression Page:494—498
9. Mandibular morphology change due to mandibular angle osteotomy: a cone beam computed tomography-based three-dimensional cephalometry analysis Page:499—504
10. Correction of sunken upper eyelids with central orbital fat transposition during upper blepharoplasty Page:509—512
11. Rate of capsular contracture among different breast implants in the last two decades: a meta-analysis Page:513—516
12. Clinical application of autologous fat grafting in hand rejuvenation Page:517—519
13. Clinical effect of facial and neck liposuction combined with bipolar radiofrequency in mandibular margin shaping Page:520—522
14. Effect of decision-making assistance in prosthesis selection of breast augmentation patients Page:523—526
15. Questionnaire on breast cancer patients'needs for breast reconstruction during different treatment periods Page:527—530
16. A modified method of platelet-rich plasma preparation and level measurement of growth factors Page:531—534
17. Clinical effectiveness of photodynamic therapy combined with oral isotretinoin for moderate to severe facial acne Page:535—538
18. Clinical outcome of hair transplantation combined with SVF GEL assisted fat transplantation in cicatricial alopecia Page:539—542
19. Effect of dimethylaminoethanol intradermal injection on collagen synthesis in an aging model of rats Page:543—547