Volume: 27 Issue: 5

1. Effect of donor age on biological characteristics of adipose-derived stem cells Page:361—367
2. Preparation and application of injectable human decellular adipose tissue matrix homogenate Page:368—373
3. Comparison of clinical efficacy between autologous fat injection and orbital septum fat reset for infraorbital margin depression in young people Page:374—378
4. Efficacy of Doppler ultrasound-assisted facial filler injection Page:379—382
5. Clinical application of autologous nanofat combined with pearl fat transplantation in comprehensive improvementof lacrimal groove depression Page:383—386
6. Effect of sodium hyaluronate compound solution injected with booster in treatment of neck wrinkles Page:387—390
7. Application of multi-point acupuncture and lavage in facial filling material removal Page:391—393
8. Anatomy and measurement of the zygomatic ligaments Page:394—397
9. Autologous fat injection for female genital cosmetic based on the anatomy and aesthetics of the perineum Page:398—401
10. Morphological and functional evaluation of digital technology combined with endoscope-assisted surgery of crooked nose Page:405—410
11. Application of nasolabial subcutaneous pedicled flap in repairing skin defect after resection of nasolabial mass Page:411—414
12. Clinical effects of conjoint fascial sheath suspension and frontalis muscle flap suspension in correction of severe blepharoptosis: a Meta-analysis Page:415—418
13. Effect of botulinum toxin type a in congenital muscular torticollis Page:419—423
14. Risk factors of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation after laser in treatment of acquired bilateral nevus of Ota-like macules Page:424—427
15. Clinical application of micro-crosslinked hyaluronic acid injection in facial rejuvenation Page:428—431
16. Clinical efficacy of Qingpeng ointment in treatment of acute herpes zoster neuralgia Page:432—435
17. Repair of UVB damage in mouse skin by adipose derived stem cells Page:436—439