Volume: 27 Issue: 4

1. Effect of alpha hydroxy acids on facial acne patients Page:260—263
2. Treatment of implant malposition after breast implant augmentation Page:271—274
3. Reasons of asymmetry after blepharoplasty and comparison around repair Page:275—278
4. Managing nipple necrosis secondary to inverted nipple repair Page:279—281
5. Clinical effects of pretarsal orbicularis-tarsus fixation technique in double eyelidplasty Page:285—288
6. Effect of shortening of levator palpebrae complex on combined fascial sheath suspension in severe blepharoptosis Page:289—292
7. Conjoint fascial sheath suspension in treatment of severe blepharoptosis caused by inadequate suspension system tension Page:293—296
8. Effect of immediate prosthetic breast reconstruction in patients with breast cancer Page:297—300
9. Analgesic effect of local anesthesia combined with nerve block anesthesia on golden micro-needles for improving facial aging Page:301—304
10. treatment of mild to moderate periorbital aging in Asians with ultrapulsed fractional CO 2 laser Page:305—309
11. Sequential therapy by local injection of triamcinolone acetonide and lattice CO 2 laser for hypertrophic scar Page:310—312
12. Effect of gold micro needle radiofrequency combined with syringe needle subsicion therapy on scar release operation Page:313—316
13. Effect of microfat injection on facial burn scars Page:317—319
14. Soothing moisturizing repair cream in promoting wound repair of acne depressed scar after laser operation: a clinical analysis Page:320—324
15. Effect of propranolol on angiopoietin and Tie2 in nude mice model with hemangioma Page:325—329