Volume: 27 Issue: 3

1. Tissue-engineered cartilage nanoscaffolds prepared with collagen, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate Page:161—164
2. Effect of skull drilling combined with artificial dermis and vacuum sealing drainage in repairing scalp defect with skull exposure Page:165—169
3. Clinical effect of multi-level injection of nano-fat injection to correct the depression of upper eyelid Page:170—172
4. Application of double V-Y advancement of mucosal flap procedure for lower-lip paramedian tubercles plasty Page:173—176
5. Application of reductional M-shaped plasty in upper lip aesthetic improvement Page:177—180
6. Application of cosmetic suture technique in professional skill training of plastic surgery Page:187—190
7. Application of orbital fat flap combined with free fat in correction of moderately or severe sunken upper eyelid and multiple folds Page:191—194
8. Soft tissue composition and tailor-made blepharoplasty for upper eyelid puffiness Page:195—198
9. Artificial dermis combined with KCI negative pressure suction device in repair of skull exposure after scalp malignant tumor surgery Page:199—202
10. Application of epinephrine saline rinsing solution in hemostasis of cleft palate repair Page:203—205
11. Effect of modified upper lip lifting by retaining nasal columellar base incision Page:206—209
12. Effect of bipolar radio frequency in combination with small incision on lower facial lifting and shaping Page:210—213
13. Clinical effects of excision and setons drainage management in treatment of early and medium-term perifolliculitis capitis abscedenset suffodiens Page:214—217
14. Clinical significance of suction blister transplantation in improving efficacy of ReCell technique in treatment of vitiligo Page:218—221
15. Repair effects of varying degrees of iatrogenic penis skin necrosis Page:222—225
16. Regeneration and differentiation of decellularized adipose matrix in periosteal microenvironment Page:226—230