Volume: 27 Issue: 2

1. Application of autogenous cartilage transplantation in correction of nasal soft-tissue triangle deformities aided by 3D technology Page:81—85
2. Efficacy of costal cartilage cortex with retained costal perichondrium on nasal tip reconstruction Page:86—89
3. Effect of dense dermal fiber structure reconstruction in suprapical region of the nose on correction of nasal hypertrophy Page:90—93
4. Clinical effect of modified autogenous fat grafting for sunken upper eyelid Page:94—96
5. Clinical effect of rhinoplasty with ear cartilage and silicone prosthesis: a three-dimensional scanning study Page:99—103
6. Clinical effect of stromal vascular fraction gel injection on local rhinoplasty Page:104—108
7. Effect of modified auricle cartilage nasal septum extension stent on rhinoplasty Page:109—112
8. Clinical effect of nasal septal cartilage combined with auricular cartilage on improving nasal tip shape Page:113—116
9. Tension reducing suspension suture technique in preventing alopecia after rhytidectomy Page:117—120
10. Two-step method using bipolar radiofrequency BodyTite in liposuction of upper arm with cutis laxa Page:121—123
11. Histopathological and MRI characteristics of facial unidentified filling objects Page:124—128
12. Effect of orthodontic treatment on adult severe periodontal disease Page:129—132
13. Prevalence situation and risk factors related to acne in adult woman Page:133—138
14. Clinical effects of isotretinoin combined with anti-sensitive moisturizing tolerance-extreme cream on severe acne Page:139—144
15. Effects of different negative pressure suction devices on collagen, MMP-1 and TGF-β secretion of skin Page:145—148