Volume: 27 Issue: 1

1. Complications in different breast reconstruction methods after breast cancer surgery: a Meta-analysis Page:1—6
2. Clinical efficacy of inferior pedicle flap method in reduction mammaplasty Page:7—10
3. Comparison of clinical effects between different procedures for breast augmentation Page:11—13
4. Endoscopic forehead lift with frontalis muscle resection by parallel incision Page:20—23
5. Short- and long-term outcomes of comprehensive facial rhytidectomy using FACE-Q scales Page:24—28
6. Clinical efficacy of combined transverse upper gracilis flap and adductor magnus perforator flap in breast reconstruction Page:29—33
7. Measurement of healthy young female's auricular lobules and its related factors Page:34—37
8. Clinical efficacy of immediate breast reconstruction with silicone prosthesis after nipple areolar sparing mastectomy for breast cancer Page:38—41
9. Reconstuctive strategy of the defect of anterior rectus fascia and rectus abdominus muscle Page:42—45
10. Clinical efficacy of transconjunctival lower eyelid blepharoplasty on correction of the eyelid orbital sulcus deformity Page:46—48
11. Adult penis virtual surgery simulation based on force feedback and rapid prototyping technology Page:49—51
12. Treatment plan of mycobacterium abscessus infection after autologous fat injection Page:52—54
13. Random flap with a retroauricular subcutaneous pedicle for reconstuction of anterior auricular conchal defect Page:55—57
14. Effect of hair care products containing zinc pyrithione, pollen extract, sachitin and other ingredients assisted with finasteride on androgenic alopecia Page:58—61
15. Three-dimentional cultured adipose mesenchymal stem cells for alveolar cleft bone repair: an in vitro study Page:62—66