Volume: 21 Issue: 5

1. Clinical efficacy of expanded neck and mastoid region flaps in the treatment of large facial scars Page:264—266
2. Correction of moderate and severe inverted nipple with subcutaneous composite flaps by crossed filling and supporting within areola combined with continuous distraction Page:267—269
3. Clinical efficacy of the treatment of inverted nipple with retractor Page:270—272
4. Medial plantar island flap for soft tissue reconstruction of the heel after excision of melanoma Page:293—295
5. Determination test of the leakage rate and over-expansion property of the expander Page:296—299
6. Optimal proportion of VEGF 165, Ang-1 and bFGF concentration on angiogenesis of transplanted fat Page:300—303
7. Efficacy of non-ablative 1550-nm fractional laser on acne scars Page:257—259
8. Clinical efficacy of fractionated ultrapulse carbon dioxide laser combined with microneedle for the treatment of acne scars Page:260—263
9. Facial cosmetic zonation and its application of adipose injection for facial juvenescence Page:273—276
10. Emergency repair of the facial soft tissue injuries with plastic surgery Page:277—280
11. Joint expansion of double fascia flaps for fall-ear mastoid reconstruction Page:281—283
12. Pathogenetic characteristics of non-syndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate: clinical analyses of 1435 patients Page:284—286
13. Effect of Wy 10 teeth whitening combined with enamel microabrasion on bleaching dental fluorosis Page:287—289
14. Application of CEREC Bluecam digital impressions in tooth preparation of fixed bridge Page:290—292