Volume: 21 Issue: 3

1. Clinical application of modified preauricular and temporal approach for open reduction and fixation in zygomatic bone and arch fracture Page:133—135
2. Comparison of effects between MRI imaging and Archimedes method for measurement of breast volume on immediate implant breast reconstruction Page:142—145
3. Clinical efficacy of improved method of inverted L-shaped incision combined with medial canthal tendon plication for moderate and severe epicanthus correction Page:149—151
4. Effects of recombination human growth hormone before operation on flap survival and angiogenesis Page:173—176
5. Clinical efficacy of free expanded deltopectoral perforator flaps for aesthetic repair of large facial scars Page:136—138
6. Percentage volume maintenance in autologous fat graft breast augmentation Page:139—141
7. Application of modified tissue adhesive in clinical treatment of facial trauma Page:152—154
8. Efficacy of low energy 1064 nm Q-switched laser and intense pulsed light in treatment of facial post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation Page:155—157
9. Clinical effectiveness of micro-plasma combined with radio frequency in treatment of stretch marks Page:158—160
10. Total intravenous anesthesia of propofol-remifentanil for patients of cosmetic surgery Page:161—164
11. Orthodontic treatment of patients with mandibular incisor extraction Page:165—168
12. Microvascular density and mode of angiogenesis in upper lip scar after surgical repair for unilateral complete cleft lip Page:169—172