Volume: 20 Issue: 6

1. Combined strategies in treatment of breast ptosis and breast hypoplasia Page:401—404
2. Clinical efficacy of inverted nipples by continual extension with Kirschner wires Page:416—418
3. Application of double-flap in eyelid blepharoplasty Page:419—421
4. Repair of basifacial depressions induced by sclerotherapy for venous malformations with shifted axis platysma-fascial flap including submental artery Page:429—432
5. Effect of skin dermabrasion on wound healing promoted by hyperbaric oxygen Page:433—435
6. Combined therapy of silkworm eroded dissolving with micro-needle for small facial hyperplastic scar in early stage Page:436—439
7. Clinical efficacy of Er ∶ YAG laser associated with pulsed dye laser on facial acne scars Page:440—443
8. Effect of dimethylaminoethano and compound amino acid on collagens Ⅰ and Ⅲ mRNA expression in the skin of D-galactose induced aging model in rats Page:455—459
9. Effects of surgery combined with isotope 90 Sr-90Y ortriamcinolone acetonide on hypertrphic scar in rabbit ears Page:460—463
10. Vertical incision scar reduction mammaplasty with medial-superior pedicle based on Würinger's horizontal septum Page:405—408
11. Removal of injected polyacrylamide hydrogel and repair of deformity after breast augmentation Page:409—412
12. Quality of life questionnaire for women with breast surgery: evaluation of the Chinese version of BREAST-Q augmentation module Page:413—415
13. Application of transplanting different diameter single hair in treatment of part eyebrow defect Page:422—424
14. Clinical efficacy of ReCell(R ) technique in treatment of stable vitiligo Page:444—446
15. Expression of WWOX and C-JUN in keloid Page:447—450
16. Vacuum sealing drainage facilitates the survival of slender narrow pedicle flap Page:451—454