Volume: 20 Issue: 5

1. Clinical application of the nasolabial fold wrapped perforator flap in repairing pinna nasi defect Page:321—323
2. Measurements and characteristics of external nose-related parameters in normal Uygur people Page:324—327
3. Comparison of direct and indirect three-dimensional placement methods of facial soft tissue Page:340—344
4. Morphological changes of craniofacial hard and soft tissues in Sagliker syndrome Page:345—349
5. Efficacy of skin vascular diseases treated with 595 nm pulsed dye laser Page:365—368
6. Interaction of SARP1 proteins in fibroblasts of hypertrophic scar Page:381—384
7. Anatomical foundation of smiling and mid-lower facial rejuvenation Page:385—388
8. Excessive expansion of scalp with multiple dilators to repair cicatricial alopecia in a large area Page:331—333
9. Perioperative anxiety and depression of patients undergoing prosthetic augmentation mammoplasty Page:334—336
10. Clinical efficacy of early recurrence after skin grafting of lower eyelid ectropion by aptos thread Page:337—339
11. Comparison of efficacy between modified forsus appliance and activator appliance in the treatment of class Ⅱ patients with madibular retrusion Page:350—354
12. Validity of panoramic radiographs for measurements of mandibular asymmetry Page:355—360
13. Effect of cigarette smoking on rat wound healing Page:373—375
14. Effects of shRNA-CTGF on the expression of collagen-Ⅰ in keloid Page:376—380
15. Awareness and protection of ultraviolet irradiation among people in Urumqi area Page:369—372