Volume: 20 Issue: 4

1. Application of mastoid flap for correction of moderate or severe cup ear Page:245—247
2. Plastic surgery treatment of recurrent scalp dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans Page:264—267
3. Physiological drift of teeth in upper arch after bi-maxillary first premolar extraction Page:279—282
4. An assessment of labial bone mass after immediate implant or delayed implant placement in esthetic zone Page:283—286
5. Clinical application of ultra-thin veneers for anterior esthetic restorations Page:287—290
6. Expression of advanced glycation end-products in photoaging skin Page:299—301
7. Auricular reconstruction with autologous costal cartilage grafts and delaying postauricular skin flap Page:241—244
8. Capsular contracture in augmentation mammaplasty with smooth versus textured breast implants: a Meta analysis Page:248—253
9. Correction of severe congenital nipple inversion by dermal breast compound tissue flap Page:254—256
10. Effect of early surgical treatment for orbital pure blow-out fractures of orbital wall Page:257—260
11. Reconstruction of unilateral cleft lip with vermilion musculomucosal flap: a clinical study Page:261—263
12. Combined use of two intensive pulsed lights for treatment of facial acne vulgaris and erythem Page:271—274
13. Efficacy of hair removal by laser in different skin type and its complications Page:275—278
14. Efficay of skin roller pin combined with medication on cutaneous capillary hemangioma: an experimental study Page:291—294
15. Reverse-flow axial skin flap of the delay by minimal invasive surgery Page:295—298