Volume: 18 Issue: 4

1. Mimic hypoxia of deferasirox in improving growth of micrangium in a narrow pedicle flap Page:282—285
2. Construction of tissue engineering adipose with human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells transfected by insulin gene and silk fibroin scaffold in vitro Page:277—281
3. Clinical safety of fat reduction by a non-invasive focused ultrasound device Page:261—263
4. Rapid tissue expansion for repairs of skin and soft tissue defects after injury Page:245—247
5. Three-dimensional finite element analysis of rapid movement canine tooth through reducing resistance and distracting procedures Page:294—297
6. Effect of deferasirox on DLL4 expression and angiogenesis in a slender narrow pedicle and random flap in rats Page:298—301
7. Effect of mixed-skin grafting with autologous microskin and allogenetic acellular dermal matrix microskin on fibronectin and laminin of wound surface in rats Page:290—293
8. Periorbital rejuvenation by infrabrow excision blepharoplasty combined with botulinum toxin A injection Page:264—266
9. Reconstruction of breast deformation after polyacrylamide hydrogel injection for breast augmentation Page:254—256
10. Application of local flap in emergent reconstruction of the skin and soft tissue defects after facial trauma Page:248—250
11. Expression of nuclear factor-kappa B and zinc finger protein A20 in keloid Page:286—289
12. Meian granule in treatment of melasma: a clinical trial Page:273—276
13. Skin removal based on design of double-fold eyelid line and suprapalpebral fold marginal line in doublefold eyelid plasty Page:270—272
14. Correction of epicanthus by transverse incision and concurrent double-eyelid plasty Page:267—269
15. Selection of the volume and shape of mammary implant in breast augmentation Page:257—260
16. "Postauricular ""revolving door"" flap in one stage reconstruction of concha defect" Page:251—253
17. Influence of chitosan on skin and soft tissue expansion Page:241—244