Volume: 18 Issue: 3

1. Application of caudal septal advancement technique in nasal tip plasty Page:164—166
2. Effect of selective cycloxygenase-2 inhibitor NS-398 on IL-10 and IFN-γ mRNA expression in hunman keratinocytes induced by long-wave ultraviolet Page:204—207
3. Effects of different concentrations of lauromacrogol intravenous injection on thrombosis and vascular wall Page:190—192
4. Role of p53 in antioxidative stress in melanocyte exposed to UV or H2O2 Page:208—211
5. Construction of a new type of active skin substitutes for tissue engineering Page:200—203
6. Effect of compressive stress on viability of adipocytes Page:193—196
7. Sectional anatomy of tear trough deformity and palpbromalar groove deformity caused by aging Page:186—189
8. Medpor combined with autogenous outer table of calvarial in management of deformities secondary to orbitozygomatic fracture Page:176—178
9. Strategy of breast reconstruction for patients with caesarotomy scar using pedicled TRAM flap Page:173—175
10. Piezosurgery-assisted sliding genioplasty Page:179—182
11. Healing effect of porcine acellular dermal matrix combined with split-thickness autologous skin composites on full-thickness cutaneous wounds in SD rats Page:197—199
12. Patchtest for eczema and dermatitis: a clinical analysis of 89 cases in Shenyang Page:183—185
13. Ear reconstruction using autologous rib cartilage ear framework by multi-layer spliced sculpture in microtia patients Page:170—172
14. Application of tissue expansion in simultaneous reconstruction of nasal-lip defects Page:161—163
15. Elongating Asian nose with autologous septal cartilage Page:167—169,172